Bionik Quickshot Trigger Grips for XB1 & PS4 Ships to Europe

We’ve all been there.  In a game of Crucible, Matchmaking, etc. running around with your crew, trying to eliminate enough targets to win.  Your K/D is going in the wrong direction and to make matters worse, you just turned the corner and before you can fully press on the trigger, you’re down.  To add insult to injury, you just got taken out by the guy in last place on their team, who you just saw waste his special ability on a wall.  It’s situations like this why Bionik, one of the elite gaming technology companies, developed the new Quickshot Trigger Grips for Playstation 4 (below) and Xbox One (featured), and after quite some time being exclusively in the U.S., it’s finally making its way to gamers in Europe.

bionik ps4

“Quickshot has proved an enormous success across America and we’re delighted to bring this remarkably effective hardware to European players who wish to improve their gaming performance,” said Amir Navid, Bionik’s SVP of Product Development. “Fans of shooting games in particular will enjoy the added control and faster response time. Trigger lock features which up till now were limited to high priced controllers, can now be added quickly and affordably to basic first party controllers. Quickshot instantly transforms the gaming experience, bringing a new lease of life to titles like Fortnite™ where reaction times count for everything. The Quickshot continues our strategy of designing high performance gaming hardware that innovates for gamers everywhere.”

To familiarize yourself with the Quickshot Trigger Grips by Bionik, see the rest of PR below:

Bionik™, a manufacturer of innovative and high-quality gaming accessories, today announced the European shipping of Quickshot, custom trigger grips which serve as the ultimate upgrade for first party controllers.

Available for PlayStation®4 and Xbox® One, Quickshot is compatible with first party controllers, installing in minutes and transforming reaction time and precision to give gamers the winning edge. Quickshot provides better grip and radically shorter travel distance, allowing gamers to hit the triggers with rapid speed and bringing new life to shooting games everywhere.

The Quickshot for PS4™ offers superior grip and control of the trigger buttons, delivering enhanced controller ergonomics with added texture and a greater surface area. Providing a shorter trigger distance, the Quickshot allows for faster reactions and better control, which can make all the difference in fast-paced play.

With dual setting trigger locks, offering Xbox gamers even greater customised control, the Quickshot for Xbox One lets gamers play with comfort and pin-point accuracy. Installing with a simple click, Quickshot keeps up with the gamer’s reaction speed, however fast the action gets.

The Quickshot Trigger Grips by Bionik goes for USD at $19.99, that’s roughly 17 Euro. If the price remains similar, that’ll be quite a nice deal for the European gamers.  Purchase yours today, here.