BioWare Details Endgame Content in “This is Anthem” Part 2

One of the biggest debates about Anthem is whether or not there is enough to do, outside of the main storyline.  With most gamers looking to Destiny, and the various amount of content they add week-to-week, as a comparison, it’s a fair question to have.  BioWare answers that question and then some in “This is Anthem” Part 2.

Continuing the series, this gameplay video showcases your first story in Anthem, along with javelin personalization and a look at the expanding world of Anthem and its endgame content. Game Director Jonathan Warner walks you through some of the contracts, Strongholds, and endgame content that will constantly offer new challenges for you to test your skills against.

From what the videos have suggested, we can gather that the initial release of EA‘s Anthem will be similar to that of Bungie‘s Destiny. In that, gamers had to allow the game to grow with new content being ported in, weekly, to ultimately make it feel like a complete game.  At launch, Anthem’s newest Javelin recruits or “Freelanders” will receive access to the main campaign, as well as a slew of missions and side quests to customize and empower your Javelin.  Once the story ends, capitalizing on daily and weekly events will help reach level caps and redeem unique, hard to find weapons and armor.  

Here’s everything that’s at your fingertips, once the initial story ends:

  • Playing Anthem at harder difficulty levels

  • Completing Contracts and Legendary Contracts

  • Completing daily, weekly and monthly challenges

  • Defeating squad-based Strongholds

  • Exploring the world of Anthem

  • Completing world events called Cataclysms

  • Exploring new future content coming to Anthem

With the exception of PvP, which may come later, the progression of the game feels similar to that of Destiny.  Anthem will be a vibrant, ever-changing world with some incredible features and encounters.  However, for it to be the game we, BioWare, and Electronic Arts want it to be, we have to be a little patient and enjoy the challenges the multitude of endgame events will bring.

Anthem releases on Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC on February 22, 2019!

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