Black Manta Is Here To Kill Some Heroes

The announcement of three new fighters coming to Injustice 2 was very exciting especially the reveal of a non-DC character but that’s for later. Aquaman’s arch nemesis Black Manta gets a video today showcasing his abilities, his clash, and his ultimate. Check out the video below.

He’s no Hellboy but I’ll take him. The character looks to combine so much with flight, great range abilities and while there are sometimes that helmet looks stupid but this is not one of those times. The armor looks great in that Injustice style as well and yes, the character robs us of Injustice’s great faces this looks to be a great addition to the game. Black Manta will be available for download September 12th and you will need to buy Fighter Pack 2 if you don’t already have the Ultimate Edition. 

-Jason The X

If you love me DC Hellboy will be next. So that probably mean it’ll be last. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram @JasonTheX