Blizzard Announces New World of Warcraft Expansion Legion

The new expansion titled Legion will be the sixth expansion to the game. The content includes a new continent named Broken Isles which has never been playable before, but has been mentioned in Warcraft 3.

Along with the new continent, the expansion also raises the level cap to 110 and brings in a new class titled Demon Hunter. New content also includes new dungeons and raids, along with new artifact weapons and an Honor System. 

Quickly speaking this is all the new features Blizzard announced with the expansion. (as listed on the Blizzard site.)

New class: Demon Hunter

Artifacts: customizable weapons

Class-specific Order Halls and followers

All New Dungeons and Raids

New World Bosses

Level cap raised to 110

Revamped PvP progression system

Improved transmogrification system

Improved social features

Character Boost—immediately raise one character to le

New continent: The Broken Isles

You may be interested to hear more about the Demon Hunter class so they threw out some information. The characters are “blind” and rely on magically augmented sight to see which allow them to locate enemies, even ones in hiding. They have wings and can glide in the air allowing them to do air attacks, along with double jumps. They can also transform into hellish forms to enhance their abilities and finish off enemies.

“Dominate your foes as a Demon Hunter, an elven outcast shunned for daring to wield the terrible powers of the Legion,” Blizzard said. “Exhibiting superior mobility and a preternatural sense of awareness, Demon Hunters can tap into forbidden powers at times of dire need, metamorphosing into terrifying fel forms. Focus on Havoc to demolish any who stand in your way with fiery demonic attacks, or specialize in Vengeance and go toe to toe with even the most powerful demons, withstanding massive punishment as their attacks fuel your hatred.”

Broken Isles, the new continent, is full of elven towns, danger, and mountain ranges.

“Twisted satyrs, savage drogbar, and cursed Kvaldir prowl the Isles alongside the Legion’s marauding army,” Blizzard said. “To overcome these threats, you will claim an Order Hall unique to your character class and lead your followers on a hunt for the Pillars of Creation–the secret to Azeroth’s salvation.”

Blizzard has an entire page filled with details for you to explore. It includes more on the new classes, along with details on all the new weapons. It also has an exclusive beta sign up!

WoW has noted that many users are leaving the game and subscription numbers were slipping, so a new expansion may do the trick of bringing people back. So far it seems people are rather excited for the new expansion! Let us know what you think in the comments!