BOY! God of War 2 Teased At PlayStation 5 Showcase

As if the PlayStation 5 price and release date reveal weren’t big enough, Sony decided to treat viewers with a teaser for the sequel of one of their biggest franchises, God of War.

The teaser was just that, a tease. All we heard was Kratos telling Atreus (us) that we need to be prepared for what’s coming. What’s coming is the Norse apocalypse “Ragnarok”. That’s a pretty huge jump from the events of the first game, of which I am all in on.

The other big takeaway from the God of War sequel teaser was the date at the end. 2021.  The first reimagined God of War game on PlayStation 4 was arguably one of the best games of all time. So, if a new God of War is releasing in the first year of the new console generation, that’s absolutely mind-blowing.

Stay tuned for more information.