Build Up to 8 Worlds in the Free Final Super Mario Maker 2 Update – World Maker

For almost a year now, players have been crafting the most innovative, complex courses in Super Mario Maker 2. Now, players will be able to put all those courses in their own world! That’s thanks in large part to the upcoming free final update, which features the brand new mode, World Maker.

In World Maker, players will be able to build up to 8 worlds containing a total of up to 40 courses, using a bevy of different tools at their disposal. They’ll be able to alter everything from the look, layout, and decor to make their worlds all their own. Then, they’ll be able to import every unique course they’ve crafted and share it online for others to play. It’s pretty remarkable stuff.

The free update will also include the inclusion of classic Super Mario enemies. The key-chasing Phanto, Mechakoopas, and all seven Koopalings can be imported into user-created courses when the update releases.

Additionally, the update will also include several classic power-ups from various Super Mario games. The first is the SMB2 Mushroom, which transforms Mario and friends into their look from the Super Mario Bros. 2 game, allowing them to pick up and throw items and enemies. Next is the classic Frog Suit from the Super Mario Bros. 3 game. In it, Mario can swim through water with ease, and even run across its surface. Other power-ups added to the game are the Power Balloon first introduced in the Super Mario World game, the Super Acorn from the New Super Mario Bros. U game and the Boomerang Flower from Super Mario 3D World. There are also five variations for wearables like the Cannon Box and Propeller Box from the Super Mario 3D World game.


The Free Final Update for Super Mario Maker 2 releases on April 22, 2020 on Nintendo Switch.