Bungie Debuts the Destiny 2 ‘The Last Word’ Trailer; Quest Opens Tomorrow

Gear up Guardian!  A new quest releases with the weekly Destiny 2 update.  It’s called The Draw and, at the end of your journey, will gift you with one of the best weapons in the game.  Plus, it’s got a rich backstory that’s worth reading up on.

Before we get into The Last Word, it’s story, and how powerful it is, that Warlock running Dawnblade is terrible.  Even if you’re new to Destiny 2, every Guardian knows that like one hit from a Warlock’s Dawnblade will vaporize all comers.  So, the fact that they wasted their Super by getting absolutely murdered by The Last Word, just goes to show that they’re either new to the game, normally main Stormcaller, or that The Last Word has been suped up.

The Last Word debuted in the first Destiny game, as an Exotic, it was still a beast of a weapon, but it was the fascinating, wild west story that really made this weapon the second most beloved weapon, everyone loves Gjallahorn most.  If you have time, read up on the Grimoire Cards for The Last Word to understand how it became one of the most legendary weapons in the galaxy.  Grimoire Card 1 Grimoire Card 2 Grimoire Card 3 Grimoire Card 4 Grimoire Card 5

The Draw quest line opens tomorrow after Bungie‘s Weekly Destiny 2 Reset/Update

Additionally, they teased that a new villain will be coming to Destiny 2 this March for the Season of the Drifter.  As more details release for the impending season, we’ll have it for you here!