Bungie Details The Road Ahead With Destiny 2’s Annual Pass

There’s a saying that “The road ahead is paved with good intentions.”.  In gaming, that saying is usually twisted to “The road ahead is paved with loads of DLC.”.  For Bungie and their prolonged shooter, Destiny 2, they’ve decided to change the traditional way in which their content is released, foregoing DLC in favor of adopting the same method that games like Overwatch and Fortnite release their content, in seasons.  

When Destiny 2: Forsaken released, what accompanied the drastic update was the option to purchase the Annual Pass, which promised access to content down the road.  Today, Bungie revealed what all the content will feature with an 8-minute long ViDoc aptly called, “The Road Ahead“.

With the beginning of the Season of the Forge, developers from Bungie are going on the record about all the new challenges, rewards, and special events that await your Guardian for the rest of the year. Each Season will unfold with new reasons to play and new ways to upgrade your character. For the most hardcore players in our community, the Annual Pass will deliver new ways to make the game of Destiny a hobby that sends you back to the stars week after week.


For the better part of next year, content for Destiny 2 will be separated by seasons, with a new story/event releasing every Tuesday. From December to February, Guardians will experience the Season of the Forge. In this season, Guardians and their Fireteams will discover the previously unknown faction known as The Black Armory, which is all about innovating weaponry but also keeping it out of the hands of the Vanguard, or anyone else for that matter.  You’ll travel across the solar system in search of Black Armory Forges to uncover secrets of the secluded faction.  A new Raid, Exotic Quest, and level cap of 650 will be included, as well.

black armory calendar

From March to May, it’ll be known as the Season of the Drifter, which features new Gambit experiences, an Exotic Quest, Xur Bounties (which is curious), and weekly quests to accomplish.  The last season is a peculiar one, as it’s called Season of the [REDACTED] and runs June through August.  Even more interesting is that there is a robot with a katana featured, which could mean something Vex related?  However, that’s purely speculation.  What we do know for sure is that a New Raid will accompany the season, as well as a new 6-player Matchmade Activity and a few secrets yet to be revealed. 

Each new season will also bring a new level cap, so theoretically by the end of all three seasons, we could have Guardians at 750.

The Season of the Forge begins December 4 with the Volundr Forge.