Bungie Outlines New Content Releasing in Destiny 2: Season of the Drifter

New Season Approaching!  Grab a Gun!

Everyone’s favorite scam-artist/Gambit Inventor, the Drifter, is getting a season all to himself in Destiny 2, starting this upcoming Tuesday, and it’s looking very impressive.  In traditional Bungie fashion, the studio and now sole-owner of Destiny 2 allowed their developers to share details about the upcoming season in a new ViDoc. 

The Season of the Drifter will include two new game modes, Gambit Prime and The Reckoning, and Gambit armor sets.  Plus, a quest for the exotic everyone loves to hate, Thorn.  See it all in action in the aforementioned ViDoc.

As a new season of Destiny begins, developers from Bungie are back on the record about how our shared adventure is about to evolve again. The Drifter is back with a new way to play Gambit, along with a full calendar of new challenges to make your Guardian more powerful.

Here are our main takeaways from the 8-minute ViDoc:

  • Gambit Prime will be a suped-up version of the traditional Gambit we’ve come to know since Destiny 2: Forsaken debuted.  In Prime, the game will be reduced to a 1 round Winner-Take-All formula that will include the ability to steal motes from the opposing team’s vault, though the how of that hasn’t been explained.
  • Gambit will also allow Guardians to host their own Gambit fights.  They endorse running around, exploring the maps by yourself or even hosting a tournament of sorts, which is a really cool idea.
  • Additionally, new Gambit Armor sets will be included in Season of the Drifter and will feature job indicators.  If the snake that graces your armor is White, you’re primarily the Mote Depositor.  If Green, you’re the slayer of ads.  If Yellow, you primarily kill the taken sent over by the opposing team.  Finally, if Red, you’re the invader.  It’s a cool aesthetic to Gambit games, but will also feature certain perks that haven’t quite been detailed.
  • You won’t be able to get this Gambit Prime armor from the Prime game mode, though.  Instead, you’ll have to fight your way through the new PVE game mode, The Reckoning.  In it, you’ll fight hoards of ads from all different directions within the Trials of the Nine world.  To make things harder, you’ll be timed the whole way.  So you’ll need to be fast, hard-hitting, and coordinated to make it to the tougher rounds.  
  • I wasn’t aware of any added story in Season of the Drifter, but it is interesting that the Emissary of the Nine is involved and that the Drifter drags around a giant ball that has a piece of the Trials of the Nine residing within it.  Perhaps it’ll be the opening scene for the Season of the Drifter, but regardless it makes an already mysterious character that much more interesting.
  • Supposedly, there will be new exotic weapons and armor in Season of the Drifter, but the only one confirmed is Thorn.  
  • There will be a new Weekly Alliance Quest that will have Guardians choose between aligning with the Vanguard and the Drifter.  It’s said that whichever side you choose will see you following the quest from their perspective.  While the details of that are scarce, I assume it means you’ll either have Zavala or the Drifter in your ear when you’re on the weekly quest.
  • Lastly, for Destiny 2 newbies that want to experience the Season of the Drifter with their friends, the Drifter will have some suped-up bounties that will sky-rocket your light level to 640.  That’ll allow you to have an easier opportunity to compete with friends.

That last takeaway is a big step in the right direction for the fanbase that believed that the Season of the Forge was locked away for new or returning Guardians.  Bungie’s focus for the Season of the Drifter is to make the game feel less restricted and more open to everyone. 

During the video, we also found out that the season that follows the Season of the Drifter will be known as the Season of Opulence.  What that entails is yet-to-be-determined, but the definition of Opulence means great wealth so perhaps that’s an indicator.

Destiny 2 – The Season of the Drifter begins on Tuesday, March 5 after the weekly reset.