Bungie Releases the Destiny 2 March Update 1.1.4

When Bungie released Destiny 2, the game was heralded as a triumph, with the faithful finally experiencing a well-crafted story and a gameplay experience unlike any other.  However, with new games being released and less content being developed, Bungie has had to deal with a shortage of players coming back to the prolonged shooter.  Destiny fans will tell you that this is nothing new.  The first Destiny had a similar problem, but saw a resurgance after every update and DLC

While today’s March Update 1.1.4 doesn’t have a new story or any new maps, it does have new elements that players may be happy about.  Take a look:

As the trailer suggests, Bungie has done a complete makeover of the entire game.  Super progression systems have been sped up, weapons have become stronger (for the most part), and Destiny 2 has added more Power Weapon drops to go along with a more sophisticated strike map randomizer.  Although, that’s really just scratching the surface to what is a hearty list of updates.

The full list can be read, here.  As to whether or not it works in bringing gamers a better gameplay experience remains to be seen, but it is worth noting that Bungie is doing their best to keep Destiny 2 relevant in a busy time for gaming.  

The March Update 1.1.4 is available now on Destiny 2.