Bungie Reveals New Destiny 2 Expansion Trailer Curse of Osiris

The Destiny universe is brimming with lore and mythology that few know of.  That’s because Destiny 1 hid them away in off-game grimoire cards.  Thankfully, Bungie decided to rectify that mistake by incorporating their massive off-game universe into Destiny 2.  With the first expansion, they’ll be covering one of the most unique, feared Guardians from before your time, Osiris.



If you’re unfamiliar with Osiris, his history is a pretty fascinating one.  At one time, he was the most respected, powerful guardian to ever be Vanguard Commander.  However, his thirst for knowledge and discovery drove him to study the Darkness, which in turn caused him to develop theories that many believed to be too radical.  Eventually, the Speaker exiled Osiris for these beliefs and relocation of resources to their research.  Despite that, Osiris still has many followers, some of whom you’ve directly been in contact with since Destiny 1.

Now, he’ll be the main focal point in the upcoming Destiny 2 expansion, Curse of Osiris, on December 5!