Bungie to Break Down Barriers of Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep

Bungie has released a new ViDoc for Destiny 2.  In it, we saw a team determined to lay the foundation for the future of Destiny 2, and it all starts with Shadowkeep. More within…

It’s a new day, yes it is.

Tuesday, 6/4 was a big day for Bungie and it’s prolonged shooter, Destiny 2.  It marked the release of Season of Opulence, the last bit of content made while under the Activision banner.  With that release finally behind them, Bungie took to YouTube to showcase what the future of an untethered Destiny 2 will look like.

The next chapter for Destiny 2 will reunite you with an old ally to confront new nightmares. This fall, on September 17th, Guardians will return to our moon – twisted, reshaped, and haunted by our past – to confront new threats and uncover new additions to their customized arsenal.

On September 17, Bungie will release their 8th season for Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep.  Shadowkeep will see the return of Destiny 1’s Eris Morn and the Hive-infested location of The Moon.  Both Eris Morn and The Moon were supposed to be these entities that provoked fear, but were never able to.

Bungie is motivated to change that.  In Shadowkeep, they’ve decided to up the fear factor of Destiny 2 by resurrecting some of the more powerful enemies you’ve fought along the way.  To make matters worse, they’ll also be invulnerable.  Plus, the Moon will now feature dark chasm and hallways where we’ll, no doubt, find plenty of jump scares.

Along with a new story, Shadowkeep will also initiate a brand new Annual Pass, much like what we experienced with Season of the Forge, Season of the Drifter, and Season of Opulence.  Though, the details of this season are still under wraps.

September 17 will also see a new way to play Destiny 2, with a new, more open, customizable experience.  Bungie has made it a point to allow Guardians the opportunity to equip their favorite armor and freely interchange mods to better suit situations.

In addition to free modding, Shadowkeep will introduce 2 new features in Artifacts and Finishing Moves.  Artifacts will be items you find, along your journey, that can be upgraded through a tiered tree.  Once you level it up fully, you’re granted with abilities close to that of an exotic.  As for Finishing Moves, they’re just what you think.  Powerful attacks that will obliterate enemies, either with a Titan Punch, Hunter Swipe, or Warlock Palm Strike.

As always, there will be new Exotics in Season 8.  A few that they showed were a Heavy Bow with a powerful knockback ability, a Hand Cannon with a sniper scope, and a Trace Rifle that creates a continuous crit spot.  More details on those later.

Plus, a new Raid is headed this way and it’s going to be in the Black Garden, a D1 staple making it’s long-overdue return.

Two of the coolest things that this new unencumbered Bungie decided to do is to introduce New Light and Cross Save.  New Light is directed to new players who want to see what the Destiny experience is all about.  It’s free to play and will bring you right to where it all began, in the Cosmodrome.  Once you finish the initial missions, you’ll fast forward to Destiny 2, where every world and mission will be open to you.  Further add-ons will cost money, but you’ll at least be able to see what it’s all about at no cost and decide if you want to continue on your journey.

As for Cross Save, Bungie also announced, via Stadia Connect, that on September 17 Guardians can now be imported on every system.  That means PC players can import their Guardians on PS4, Xbox, and now Google Stadia.  Thus, you’ll never stop playing Destiny 2.  (I will be so useless when that happens).  According to Kotaku, cross save was finalized just yesterday, with Sony finally greenlighting it.

It’s an exciting time for Bungie and Destiny 2.  They did amazing things under Activision, but it’s finally time for them to break down barriers and show us what their vision of Destiny 2 is.  So far, it’s looking pretty amazing.