Call of Duty Added To ESPN’s X-Games Coverage

The X-Games are normally formed when a bunch of skateboarders, bikers, and other extreme sports get together to form a competition. ESPN even lists itself as the “worldwide leader in sports,” granted they often leave out sports like hockey, it is mostly true. So when you add video games into the mix, it feels strange. 

Yet that is exactly what is happening. During the X-Games Austin there will be a Call of Duty: Ghosts competition. It will consist of the top 5 teams and the top 3 teams of a recent tournement. The 8 teams will compete against each other in a double elimination, then single elimination round style tournement. 

MLG has been attempting to get video games noticed as sports for years now. They helped LoL players gain visa status, and now Call of Duty will be on ESPN. MLG CEO Sundance DiGiovanni even appeared on ESPN’s “Cold Pizza” as a gaming expert. His connections from the show are what mostly allowed the new partnership happen. He noted that most of the marketing for games like Call of Duty is focused as the same audience ESPN caters to. 

I’m sure any professional gamers out there are actually hoping this comes true. Imagine being good at a game, then making money from playing the game AND appear on ESPN, let alone the X-Games. Lets see how this goes.