Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Vengeance Available on PS3

The latest Black Ops 2 DLC, Vengeance, is now availible for PS3 and PC. Due to a timed exclusive agreement, both platforms have to wait an extended amount of time to get DLC. Season pass holders can go to the in-game store, or search the SEN Store to download the content for free*.

The DLC includes four new online maps, a new zombie map, and a new weapon for zombie mode. The zombie map is titled Buried, taking place underground and in a western looking town, and includes some new aspects to map design and things you can do. The cool new feature is the ability to time travel, which could be your worst enemy as you figure out how it works!

The four new maps a tropical island called Cove, a long city bridge called Detour, a paintball field called Rush, and a fan favorite from Black Ops (Summit) is re-imagined as Uplink.

I’ve played a few rounds, and you can obviously tell I’ve been a fan of the past DLC, but this one is bugging me a little. Cove for example reminds me of MW3 maps. Its a big circle with people constantly spawning behind you. It’s hard to get a good streak going because of that.

Detour is really cool visually, but its linear nature made it so everyone was constantly running to the middle then dying. I think teams happened to switch sides one or two times in the several games I’ve played. Summit is obviously awesome, I actually love that map from Black Ops. Rush is a neat concept, but it really hurts the COD engine, showing it how dated it can be. In a paintball field, the “walls” are actually giant balloons. In here, its just like rocks that look like balloons. Other than that, it’s pretty fun!

I have yet to try zombies on my own, but it has some new interesting concepts. I’ve watched teams enjoy it so far. I’m personally no good at zombies and don’t have anyone to play with, so I never last long enough to test everything out properly.