Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer Modes, Maps & Gameplay Improvements Revealed

Treyarch revealed new & returning modes and maps in multiplayer for Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, which will feature cross-play, cross-progression, cross-generation play and integration with the wildly popular Warzone.

“Deniable Operations. Signature Combat. A Connected Experience that features a deep commitment to robust, ongoing content, and a deep integration into the next evolution of Warzone for what will be the most united community yet,” Call of Duty developers said in a blog post. “Welcome to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Multiplayer.”

In addition to the multiplayer reveal, we learned that the game’s beta will open for early access to those who pre-order the game on October 8-9 for PlayStation 4 players and on Oct. 15-16 for Xbox and PC. Open beta for PlayStation 4 will run from Oct. 10-12 and 15-16. The Cross-play beta will be open for all platforms from Oct. 17-19.

A account is required for PC players.

“The game also ushers in the next evolution of Call of Duty: Warzone, continuing and expanding the blockbuster Battle Royale free-to-play experience,” developers wrote. “Treyarch, Infinity Ward, and Raven Software, with additional support from other studios, are all collaborating to preserve continuity within Warzone while also incorporating elements of Black Ops Cold War.”

Multiplayer Modes

Developers said that players can expect to see familiar modes like Team Deathmatch, Search & Destroy, Domination and Kill Confirmed alongside some new ways to play and the return of a fan favorite: Black Ops 4‘s Control Mode.

VIP Escort is a new 6v6 objective core game mode where teams either protect or subdue a randomly selected player dubbed “VIP.” This “very important player” only gets a kitted-out pistol, a smoke grenade, a UAV for team intel, and the satisfaction of having up to five other squadmates defend them, developers said.

“These protectors must escort the VIP to an extraction point as they fend off the attacking team, whose goal is to neutralize the VIP before they escape,” the blog post said. “A non-VIP who dies during the round is out until the next one, but a downed player at zero health can defend themselves in Last Stand or be revived by a teammate to get back into the fight.”

Combined Arms is a 12v12 battle that combines infantry and vehicular gameplay.

“Depending on the map, vehicles such as Tanks, Snowmobiles, Attack Helicopters or Wakerunners will amplify and advance the action alongside traditional gunfights, allowing for jaw-dropping moments right in the middle of an intense engagement,” developers said. “At launch, expect to play multiple Combined Arms Maps across a handful of Combined Arms Modes, including Domination, which places multiple flags around a given map for teams to capture and defend.”

Fireteam is a 40-player game mode with up to 10 teams of four players. Developers said the action in fireteam is centered around not just the operators in the field, but also the environment they battle in.

The first available Fireteam game type is “Dirty Bomb” and developers said more information will be revealed about it at a later date closer to launch.


“In Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Treyarch’s signature map design will be rooted in the game’s realistic and historical setting, all accentuated by a visual art style that immerses players into the unfolding early 1980s Cold War narrative,” developers said. “This Multiplayer journey brings operators around the world from the Angolan desert (Map name: Satellite), to the frozen lakes of Uzbekistan (Crossroads), to the streets of South Beach (Miami), to frigid North Atlantic waters (Armada), and even to the heart of the U.S.S.R. (Moscow).”

Developers provided a list and in depth look at of some of the maps players can expect to see in the blog post: Armada, based on Operation Azorian; Crossroads, set on the backdrop of a frozen Soviet wilderness; Miami, amid the cover of night and neon lights in South Beach; Moscow, in the heart of the U.S.S.R; and Satellite, deep in the Angolan desert.

“While just a sample of the broader array of maps that will be available at launch, these five maps are meticulously designed and based on authentic, real-world sources, as Treyarch’s visual research department visited real-life locations, photo-scanning thousands of physical objects, terrains, environments, and materials,” developers said. “All those assets aided developer designers and artists to deliver an immersive virtual world that’s rich in ambience, further pushing the visual fidelity of environments through photometric lighting, and the game engine’s ‘Contour’ terrain system. This sets an incredible stage for Multiplayer combat set through a high-dynamic-range true 4K experience on next generation platforms (PS5 and Xbox Series X) and PC.”

Signature Gameplay Information

Developers said the “boots-on-ground” combat in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is built upon the familiar feel of Black Ops‘ movement and gunplay while also innovating on key gameplay elements.

“It begins with, of course, the weaponry. A new weapon sound engine brings further understanding of enemy and friendly gunfire, giving players a sense of what is being fired at them and where it came from through three-dimensional and directional sound,” developers wrote. “For an operator’s own loadouts, the Create-a-Class system is now slot-based, automatically giving them a primary, secondary, lethal and tactical equipment, a Field Upgrade, and a set of Perks.”

Field Upgrades are in-game items meant to either help your squad or hinder your enemies earned solely on time in-game with a cooldown that lasts after death.

Developers said loadouts can be outfitted with class-changing wildcards that provide one of four benefits: grant eight attachments for the primary weapon, carry up to six perks, double the number of lethal and tactical equipment given on spawn, or carry three perks from any category (verses the limit of one).

The Gunsmith is available for players looking to tinker with their weapons: primary weapons can be customized with up to 54 attachments across eight nodes or attachment points, with at least six options per attach point.

“The benefits and drawbacks of each attachment are shown via exact percentage change, which allows operators to precisely understand the data behind how each weapon configuration will feel out in the field, along with further conversations between developer and community about weapon tuning,” developers wrote.

Scorestreaks are making a return but with some significant changes, developers said.

“In this new system, earned score is kept through death, giving all players a chance at earning these visceral and fun tools that can turn the tide of battle,” developers wrote. “However, these Scorestreaks, especially higher-end rewards, must still be earned through earning plenty of score via elite gameplay. Those who string together multiple kills before a death will earn streak score bonuses, which can aid significantly in earning the game’s most powerful Scorestreaks.”

Scorestreaks will now have cooldowns to prevent players from spamming scorestreaks repeatedly with some existing to counter other scorestreaks outside of traditional anti-measures.

Developers introduced four new refinements in movement that will make operators’ movement feel more lifelike than ever: Sprint take off, operators will automatically receive a burst of speed when starting a sprint before settling down to a normal speed; Sliding, operators will start and end in a crouched position for a more believable movement pattern; Footstep control, faster movement by operators make more noise while slower movement makes less and players can further reduce noise while sprinting with the return of the ninja perk; Jumping, expect more natural height in jumps which also briefly slow operators as they land.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is set to launch on November 13.