Call of Duty Modern Warfare Will Get All Original Maps

Activision released information today noting that the remaining six maps for Modern Warfare will be added to the game in December, shortly after the games launch.

We are assuming the update will be free, but it has something to do with giving PlayStation users some exclusives. That is all assumptions though, nothing is confirmed.

Adding these maps means that all 16 original maps from the game will be added to the remaster version of the game. Previously only 10 maps were promised to be in the remaster.

Activision and Sony are kicking off their exclusive agreement with the Remaster version of the game. Those that pre-order Infinite Warfare on the PS Store will get to play the remaster single player starting October 5th. The online portion will then go live when Infinite Warfare releases in November. PS4 users also get early access to the upcoming beta along with all DLC content.

Modern Warfare remaster ships with the Legacy Edition’s of Infinite Warfare, with no current plans to be sold stand alone.