Celebrate May The 4th Be With You with Playstation

First off you can download a Millennium Falcon theme for your home screen which hey not much but hey it’s free. 

Star Wars PS4 Theme 555x250

Secondly four classic Star Wars games are available for download. Star Fighter, Bounty Hunter, Episode 3 and Racer Revenge are now available for some classic gaming. And you can download all six Star Wars movies at a discounted rate.

250px Starfighter coverStar Wars Bounty Hunter PS2episode3 043005 ps2 orgStar Wars Racer Revenge

Lastly you can head over to Twitter and follow the @HeyPlaystation account to get your name in to possibly win a Star Wars package which has all four of the games I just mentioned, a custom box, all six Star Wars movies, a PS4, and a code to get a digital copy of Star Wars Battlefront when he game is released. 

So there you have it guys some great stuff being releasesd so get it while you can. Later Jedi’s, and I guess you Sith too.