Check out 9 Minutes of Crazy, High-Octane Rage 2 Pre-Beta Gameplay

The latest gameplay for Rage 2 has been release and is here to show us all why we have to play this game. During Quakecon 2018, we had the oppertunity to play Rage 2 and although I was skeptical at first…the game turned out the be a total blast. Very much improved from Rage 1, the second installment in the series takes the gameplay and graphics to the next level.

One thing I loved the most was the added Nano powers you can recicve in each ARK you find. With this being a open-world game, I cant wait to explore all the regions and find as lore, ARK’s, loactions, and more! Rage  2 launches May 14th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC, make sure to check back here for our review!