Check Out All The Halo News From GamesCom

GamesCom has started with a bang as Microsoft had a ton to show off. Even better is the fact a lot of the information was regarding Halo. We decided to put it all in one place for you! 

First up, Halo 5: Guardians will be hitting beta form on Xbox One in December! December 29th to be exact! 

It is also worth noting, everything unlocked in the beta will indeed carry over to the full game! 


Microsoft also announced something called the Halo Channel. This will be a portal like service on Xbox and PC that allows users to view Twitch supported gameplay and other content that focuses exclusively on Halo. The channel comes with a interconnected social network and allows users to launch Halo from the portal. 

If that wasn’t enough Halo for you, Microsoft also showcased the upcoming Halo Collection in a new trailer. 

If that doesn’t excite you for what is coming for Xbox, I don’t know what will! Are you ready?