Check Out Some New Zelda Gameplay and Nintendo News

Not only are we teased with some new gameplay of the upcoming Zelda title, we got a few quick announcements blended in. According to the teaser, the new Starfox will be hitting “next year shortly before Zelda releases.” While not an actual date, it’s something right? Along with that the re-release of Zelda : Majora’s Mask will be released “before both” and has a bunch of updated specs and added features to make it worth your time. Well, that is if it wasn’t already!

Overall the trailer didn’t show off much beyond the fact that the world is massive. The objective they created was within view on top of a mountain, but took them “several minutes” to get to. So long that they didn’t even reach it during the presentation. So the world is massive and your horse won’t run into tree’s. So simple….. yet so friggin awesome! We want more!