Check Out The New Microsoft HoloLens Demo Project X

The demo is extremely cool as it is the first publicly shown demo that allows you as a user to actually hold one of the 3D objects within the game. In this case you can wield weapons and shoot down robots in Project X-Ray and the game takes up the entire room.

The only issue is that some people that have gotten a chance to test out HoloLens are still complaining about the prototypes lack of field of view. The field of view is so narrow that demonstrations like this are not entirely as they appear within the glasses.

Yet the demo is something to still get excited about because there are no complaints to how it actually plays. The robots will know where walls and objects within your real living room are and will adapt to the environment. They will even cordinate together and create attack schemes around objects to make a challenge for you.

“Holograms behave just like real objects,” a Microsoft developer said. “They can interact with the environment and each other.”

Microsoft has touted the headset as “mixed reality” which is a bit exciting compared to virtual reality headsets coming elsewhere. However since the device is still new, all games being showcased are still simply “tech demos” with no final hardware or software being shown just yet. So perhaps they will find a way to fix that field of view!