Cinelinx Streams Destiny 2 Tonight at 11PM CST

If you’ve paid attention to our Cinelinx Twitch and YouTube feed, first of all thank you for being a valued viewer and second, you’ll have noticed that we are making a point of using it more.  We recently gave away Call of Duty WWII Beta codes, during an early stream of Madden NFL 18.  Then, we streamed the Beta a couple of days later.  Before that, we successfully debuted our new tournament show, UGF, with mind-blowing numbers.

Tonight, we’re keeping that momentum up by streaming Destiny 2, before it hits shelves worldwide.  Starting at 11pm CST, be sure to watch here or here and join the conversation as @movethejoystick tries to liberate the Traveler!

If an early showing of Destiny 2 wasn’t enough, tomorrow night we will begin giving away codes for select games and DLCs!  You are not going to want to miss out on your chance for some awesome giveaways!  The only way to win, though, is to watch, follow, and subscribe to all of our channels!

The Cinelinx channels are getting red-hot with quality programming that you can’t afford to miss!  You watch, you could win with the channels of Cinelinx!