Cities: Skylines Getting Remastered For PS5 / Xbox Series X

The city building game is coming to PS5 and Series X soon, and you could get it for free.

Cities: Skylines is the new premier city building game that launched way back in 2015. It took off quickly and has expanded across all platforms with in-depth city building and planning tools. On consoles there were quite a bit of restrictions due to hardware though, but thats all changing with a remastered version.

The game launces on Feb 15th, and all previous owners of the game will get a free upgrade. One thing that isn’t noted, however, is if this includes those that got it for free via PS Plus. The cool thing is that even if you don’t have a new console you can buy the upgraded version and get last generation for free as well, so you are ready for it when you do.

The improvements include better graphical performance including distance and details. The cities can now be expanded to 25 blocks, which was restricted to 9 on last gen consoles so that’s a huge improvement already.

Other tools were revamped as well including a new quick selection tool, a finite placement tool, and upgrades to the snap tool. You can also measure distance, and even adjust the weather at any point. The is also a more in-depth map editor tool as well. All these new improvements are thanks to the improved hardware to allow the game to perform better.


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