Classic JRPG Inspired Square Enix Title To Get Western Release

Yesterday it was announced that Tokyo RPG Factory, the newest studio under the Square Enix publishing umbrella will be releasing their classic JRPG styled ‘I am Setsuna’ for English speaking players later this year.

In a world of neverending winter where demons rise to smite the population, you’ll follow the story of an unnamed mercenary and the brave, young Setsuna, who must sacrifice herself for the sake of her kin. 

Wiith director  Atsushi Hashimoto at Tokyo RPG Factory’s helm, the title promises to present Western audiences with CHRONO Trigger inspired combat in the midst of an enthralling narrative inspired by classic JRPG greats. 


Despite a few niggling issues with inventory managment and the combat system, I am Setsuna has really been received quite well in Japan.  Let’s hope the Western ports demand the same level of praise. 

I am Setsuna will be available to download for Playstation 4 and for PC through steam this summer.