Classic Turn-Based Mode Confirmed for ‘Final Fantasy VII Remake’ at TGS 2019

Square Enix provided another update for Final Fantasy VII Remake, in the form of a gameplay session with Yoshinori Kitase. The 40-minute presentation featured everything from Summon Details, Squats, and a Classic Battle Mode! Check it out within…

TGS 2019 is almost at an end, but it’s hard to deny that Square Enix absolutely stole the show. Most notably, with Final Fantasy VII Remake. Earlier in the week, they kicked off TGS 2019 with a phenomenal trailer that explored how deep and expanded the first part of the Final Fantasy VII Remake will be.

For today’s update, FF7R producer Yoshinori Kitase took the stage, equipped with a massive Buster Sword, and proceeded to deliver the goods.

In the early part of the session, Kitase-san focused primarily on the opening mission. As he progressed through the level, he explored a completely revamped menu screen. It is a major improvement from the original.

That wasn’t all he showed, though. Kitase-san proceeded to the settings screen to show off the different modes FF7R has to offer. Your standard Easy and Normal difficulties were there, but it was the Classic mode that would be shown off today.

A few months ago, at E3 2019, Kitase-san explained that the standard way of battling would feature an ATB Gauge that would gradually fill up with each hit. In Classic Mode, Cloud & co. become automated and attack without you having to do anything. The ATB Gauge will fill on its own, so players can focus solely on using abilities.

In a way, by not focusing on the combat system and solely on selecting commands, it’s similar to the turn-based mechanics from the original game. The only difference is that characters will be more automated in combat. It’s a fascinating idea, but I’m not sure how often players will gravitate to that mode, as an automated system could eventually get tiresome.

The session continued by showing off one of the most classic mini-games from the original FFVII, Squats. As part of a plot to earn all the clothing & accessories needed to covertly enter Don Corneo’s mansion, Cloud must defeat the yoked members of the local gym in a squat competition. This game was as absurd as it was comical, so I’m thrilled it’s back.

The final part of the gameplay session saw Kitase-san show off what happens directly after the Don Corneo mission, the Fight in the Sewers. Throughout the battle with the boss, Aps, we saw plenty of amazing Limit Breaks and character quirks in battle. For example, we got a good look at how Tifa emulates the iconic Bruce Lee, as well as a Dolphin Kick. We also got to see Aerith perform her healing Limit Break and the update to her normal attacks. No longer is she hitting enemies with her staff, rather she’s shooting magic blasts from afar.

However, the most incredible part was the summoning of the Fire God, Ifrit. In the original game, summons were a one-off materia. All summons would drain a bunch of MP for one massive blast. In FF7R, summons will stay with you until the Summon Meter is depleted. Then, once it’s gone, the summon will unleash their Limit Break, as a parting gift. For this session, we saw the devastating Hellfire blast. It was FANtastic!

No doubt, TGS 2019 was a massive win for Square Enix, FF7R, and fans old and new. It’s probable that we’ll have more updates, the closer we get to next Spring, but it doesn’t make the wait any easier.

The first part of Final Fantasy VII Remake launches March 3, 2019, exclusively on PlayStation 4!