Cliff Bleszinski Announces New Game LawBreakers

People will know the opinionated Cliff from Gears of War and this is his new studios first game. The title is a free-to-play PC title that was originally titled Project Blue Streak and is now officially titled LawBreakers. 

The game is 5v5 arena style combat with gravity perks. The developer explains that “people never want to be on the ground” as the game is very vertical with gravity manipulation, grappling hooks, and other ways to move about.

The trailer mentions it, but the game revolves around two teams. The Laws and the Breakers, makes sense right? He explained the game as something that will appeal to a large audience and is filled with gangs, guns, and gravity.

The game runs on Unreal Engine 4. LawBreakers will release in 2016 for PC, and possibly after for consoles.