Company of Heroes 3 Gets a November Release Date

SEGA has revealed when the next game in the RTS franchise, Company of Heroes 3, will be arriving for gamers to enjoy.

If you’ve been looking forward to Company of Heroes 3, you’ll be happy to know there’s a release date to mark on your calendars. Today, SEGA has announced the game will hit PCs (via STEAM) on November 17, 2022.

Even better, they’ve shown off the new North African campaign that will be part of the experience at launch, while also revealing players can get their hands on a level right now (until July 19th):

Company of Heroes 3 will bring fans and newcomers to the series with the biggest and deepest single player experience in the franchise’s history. CoH3 will offer four playable factions at launch and two unique single-player experiences, with the Italian Dynamic Campaign and the North African Operation.

Those eager to get their hands on Company of Heroes 3 won’t have to wait until November to play it. Head over to now and sign up for Relic’s community feedback program, COH-Development, to gain access to one mission from the newly revealed North African Operation. Players can try out the Mission Alpha and take command of the infamous Deutsches Afrikakorps (DAK) as they attempt to repel the British from their entrenched positions. The Mission Alpha is free to play on Steam for one week from Tuesday July 12 to July 19.

While the previously announced Italian Dynamic Campaign offers a branching, open-ended experience, the North African Operation is a more classically designed, narrative-led single-player experience. A wealth of new mechanics has drastically changed the battlefield in North Africa, where tank-riding enables coordinated rapid-strike assaults that overwhelm the enemy. Powerful Italian units can be called upon in Mission Alpha, such as the Guastatori combat engineers and the L6/40 Light Tank. Players can also enjoy new core gameplay innovations like side armour, enemy vehicle recovery and vehicle-towing, which lets you reposition your hard-hitting artillery like the German Flak 36 and British 17-Pounder.

Will you be picking up Company of Heroes 3 this November?

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