Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled Grand Prix Released, Free for All Players

New Track, New Characters, New Skins, and more!? This is an update we call can enjoy for free!

After a huge launch, Crash Team Racing: Nitro Fueled has officially released The Grand Prix to the masses and boy oh boy, does it look like fun! In the Grand Prix, you can compete for rewards like new characters, skins, new karts, and customize your own kart with more items. Some of the largest add-ons for this pack are of course the addition of the Nitro Squad (formally the Trophy Girls, who are all unlockable) and the newest track Twilight Tour, which is the first track that can change from day to night during your race! Below, you can watch gameplay I captured from E3 2019 of the track!

While racing in The Grand Prix outside of earing Wumpa Coins, you can now earn Nitro points in the “Nitro Gauge” (XP) which will help you unlock exclusive items and characters such as the infamous Tawna. Yes, the amazing character you use to die just to meet in Crash Bandicoot. Below, you will find an informative hype video from out Grand Prix overloaders Chick and Stew. I will also add if you are still on the fence about this title, please check out my review of the game that I called “One of the best kart racing games I have ever played!”