‘Crucible’ Amazon Games’ Free-to-Play Hero Shooter Arrives This Month

Amazon Games has a brand new free-to-play team-based shooter, Crucible, on the way to PC. The relatively new developer announced that the game will launch on May 20, 2020. They accompanied the release date reveal with a first look trailer that is interesting, to say the least.

Crucible will feature 10 unique hunters pitted against each other on dangerous jungle planet in search of Essence, a resource that amplifies Hunter abilities. A few of the featured hunters in today’s PR are: Earl, an inter-stellar trucker who’s built like a tank and has a gun sized to match, Bugg, a robot botanist whose primary concern is protecting his plants, and Summer, a champion fighter and former welder whose flame throwers keep things hot on the battlefield.

At launch, Crucible will include three game modes: Heart of the Hives, Harvester Command, and Alpha Hunters. You can read all about them below.

  • In Heart of the Hives, two four-player teams battle giant boss Hives that spawn throughout the world. Each Hive contains a valuable Heart, and the first team to capture three Hearts wins the match, making each match a dangerous balance between racing to defeat the opposing team and battling to survive the powerful Hives.
  • Harvester Command challenges two teams of eight players to capture and hold Harvesters spread across the map, vying for control of the Essence that drew them all to the planet. The first team to deplete its opponent’s resources wins.
  • In Alpha Hunters, eight teams of two fight to be the final team standing. 

Between the battle modes that pit two teams against giant boss hives, the eccentric, unique roster of hunters, and the jungle atmosphere, I’m getting major Evolve vibes from Crucible. Evolve was a game that saw 4 players team up using a unique roster of hunters to hunt down a monster in a jungle environment. It had tons of hype around it, but was overall a game that lacked in depth and never lived up to the excitement. Here’s hoping Amazon Games and their studio behind Crucible, Relentless Studios have found a way to crack the code on this untapped genre.

Crucible releases on PC via Steam on May 20, 2020.