Crytek Reveals New PlayStation VR Game

The game is called Robinson: The Journey and it looks like a blend of Destiny with Dinosaurs, and of course the end result is something amazing!

More details were shared via the PlayStation Blog.

Combining the breathtaking immersion made possible by PlayStation VR and the game-changing power of CRYENGINE, Crytek today announced a partnership with Sony Computer Entertainment to bring new IP “Robinson: The Journey” exclusively to the upcoming PlayStation®4 virtual reality platform. 

Developed by Crytek, Robinson: The Journey invites players to become pioneers as they crash-land on a mysterious planet and set out to uncover the rich secrets it conceals. The game is being crafted to capitalize on the boundless potential of PlayStation VR, and will empower gamers to explore the stunning world around them with an entirely new degree of freedom. The cooperation between Sony and Crytek also underscores the versatility of CRYENGINE for other developers looking to unleash their ideas on powerful VR hardware.

Crytek’s Director of Production, David Bowman, said: “PlayStation VR is the ideal platform for Robinson: The Journey. Our work with Sony so far has made it clear that they want to deliver the most immersive and unique home VR experiences imaginable to gamers, and we’re working hard to make sure Robinson fits that description perfectly.”  

They note that the story will be just as compelling as the visuals, and the game is already getting high praise from those that have tested it. Crytek claims that they are being touted as the best PlayStation VR experience so far.