Crytek Shows Off First Gameplay for Hunt: Showdown

Hunting the undead in a Louisiana swamp has never looked as terrifying as it does watching this gameplay trailer for Hunt: Showdown, from E3 2017.  Hunt: Showdown is a PVP Monster Hunter game by Crytek, the studio better known for the Crysis series.  Today, Crytek is showing how gamers can complete the main objective of the game while fending off monsters and competing gamers.

The voices you heard were from Hunt creative director Magnus Larbrant and level design director Chris Auty as they tried navigating through the Louisiana swamp to find the vicious spider, banish it, and collect the bounty.  Despite it being edited down for time, you can see that a lot goes into completing your objective during each 20-40 minute match.  

Using a variety of stealth, coordination, and communication most duos should be able to succeed in completing their bounties when Hunt: Showdown comes to PC.

As more footage for Hunt: Showdown releases, we’ll have it on!