5 Awesome Star Wars Mods For Non-Star Wars Video Games

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Galactic Warfare – COD4:MW

This mod started out life as a single blaster model and has grown to be a massive mod covering every aspect of COD4:MW. The maps are incredibly detailed, the sound effects are spot on and even the music is perfect.

You can download this mod HERE

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Star Wars Millenium Falcon Mod – GTA5

Well, what is there to say about this one. I mean, why wouldn’t you want to ride around Los Santos in a Millenium Falcon? Its a fantastic mod to go along with a bunch of other Star Wars mods for GTA5, and has mostly great reviews!

You can download this mod HERE

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Lightsabers – Fallout New Vegas

Of course, Lightsaber weapon mods are a staple mod for any Star Wars fan. This mod for Fallout: New Vegas adds a ton of different coloured lightsabers and includes double bladed sabers too. It has a high damage and is fairly quick, which some people might see as a cheat weapon, but compared to other weapons in the game you can understand why these would be especially powerful!

You can download this mod HERE


Imperial Architect – Prison Architect

This mod simply reskins Prison Architect to throw you into an Imperial Detention Centre. This is a great little mod if you’ve played Prison Architect far too much (which I’m not sure is possible) and you want to change up the scenery a bit. What better way to do that than with Star Wars! 

You can download this mod HERE

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Star Wars Mod Pack – Left 4 Dead 2 

This collection of mods adds a bunch of Star Wars stuff to L4D2, incuding infected replaced with Stormtroopers, the option to change your team mates to various key figures in the Galactic Empire (which may be a little odd fighting Stormtroopers, so lets just say they’re zombies for sure). You can add in Blasters too, and replace Tanks with Rancor. So overall, a bunch of fun little mods to spice up L4D2.

You can download these mods HERE

Have you come across any awesome or crazy Star Wars mods? Please share them in the comments below!