5 Horror Games to Put You in the Halloween Spirit

Horror titles are becoming a popular genre again thanks to VR. Every VR system out there is swamped with horror titles, but the good news for the rest of us is that some of the good ones are not tied to simple VR units. We’ve gotten quite a few, and unique, titles that should be checked out this October for various reasons. Some reasons will be for the scares, others because the games are simply a world worth exploring. Not only have we listed the games, but we also scored each one (out of 10 points) based on how scary they are so you can get your spook on. 


Little Nightmares

This little gem released under the radar a few months ago, but this game is all around fantastic. I’ve never reviewed a game and wanted to give it a perfect score before, and this game did it. The game is set up where you play as a smaller character, which gives the world a very big creepy look. Everything from bookshelves to lights are creepy, and the dark Tim Burton art style amplifies the feeling. Once you find a way to take in the whole atmosphere, the giant twisted up enemy appears and scares the crap out of you. The game also has a very deep overall meaning intertwined through it, which makes this game a must play during Halloween or throughout the year.

Horror Scale – 7 (Imagery is frightening, but the game isn’t a jump scare castle)

doom 3 returns to steam

Doom or Doom 3

Let’s say you want to be a badass in front of your significant other so you go pick up a horror game and pretend to not be scared the entire time. The Doom reboot might be just the trick for you. Despite being filled with demons and jump scares, overall, Doom isn’t that scary. The focus was put more on destroying demons and fighting back in Hell, while a semi-story evolves as you play and find the intel. The game might even be a good prep to warn off those demons in your future adventures. Look out horror world, this person’s a badass.

But then you get a little too cocky and decide to pick up even more of the Doom franchise and head to Doom 3 where the story is entirely different. Now the lights are dark and you didn’t bother updating the game so your character can’t hold a flashlight and a gun at the same time! What gives! You are not supposed to be scared! That’s because Doom 3 was the one title in the franchise to really go for horror over action, and boy does it do a good job at it. The slower pace mixed with closed off rooms with demons reaching through darkness is the perfect mix for some wet pants. The game blends a lack of ammo with jump scares rather nicely.

Horror Scale – Doom (Reboot) 2. While the monsters can be scary, the game throws ammo and big weapons at you to feel fully protected at all times.

Doom 3 – 8, unlike the reboot this game restricts your ammo and has a lot of dark areas. The monsters will actually get you scared quite a few times.

0016 Resident Evil 7 biohazard

Resident Evil 7

Capcom decided to jump back into the horror world by mimicking the nightmare Kojima created with P.T. They took the concept and beautifully crafted it into a Resident Evil like we’ve never seen before. The game is actually getting a new expansion here soon so this is the perfect time to pick it up and jump in if you haven’t already.

Unlike past Resident Evil titles, this one sets you up in first person view in a strange new world. The action takes second stage to the horror, and survival is a must. Blending great game mechanics with horror film visuals that will give you nightmares for days, Resident Evil is the game that will have you squealing like a girl in the middle of the night. The story itself seems to be twisted and dark, but that’s nothing compared to the giant enemies and creepy woman on the stairs. Run. Just run.

Horror scale – 10, no questions asked, this is horror.


Outlast 2

Very similar, and equally as terrifying, as Resident Evil, Outlast 2 puts you in the shoes of a journalist that is discovering a twisted story about a woman lost in Arizona. The story will have you walking through dead babies, running from something that made a noise, and probably too scared to turn your console back on at some point. This is the second game on our list we highly suggest you don’t try to be manly with in front of your spouse.

Horror scale – 10

New Alien Isolation Screenshots Artwork are here to terrify you 2 1024x613

Alien: Isolation

This game isn’t the scariest game on the list, but it does get your feet wet. The game opens with probably the best build up to a scare than any other game on the list. Dark hallways, spaceships falling apart, and aliens roaming about. The game has a great mix of jump scares and dark hallways to really keep you on your feet, but nothing too gruesome to throw you away from the game. You can act like a boss, while also getting a few quick jumps in too.

Horror scale – 6, a lot of the game focuses on stealth mechanics which increases the horror scale in its favor.