Battlefield 1 Is Awesome So Far (Beta Impressions)


When DICE announced that Battlefield was heading into World War I, I was a bit confused. The war had a lot of trench battles and weaponry wasn’t as advanced, let alone air combat wasn’t a really big deal just yet. Then you jump into the beta and you see how DICE has incorporated all of this, but put a nice twist on it to make it fun.

Battlefield 1 feels a lot like the old Battlefield titles, 1942-1943 to be exact, and those are my favorite titles in the franchise. They have a feel to them that makes them simply fun to me. There isn’t a lot of advanced weaponry, big open spaces of nothing, and very tight conquest areas. Battlefield 1 repeats all of this and the old style weapons compliment it all.

Granted a lot of this could change in the final game. We only get one map and a majority of the weapons are locked so what we are playing is a very small portion of the entire game. Once it opens up, who knows what corners you will be led to, but I have high hopes that it will remain awesome. Things could even change today when more beta players are allowed to jump in, creating even more play styles that can change the dynamics of the game.

This is coming from a person that didn’t really care for Hardline (not developed by DICE), and was highly disappointed with Star Wars Battlefront. DICE finally made the right turn and went in a direction fans want. If you read forums and comments on social pages, fans wanted DICE to return to WWII (or in this case dive into WWI) or return to the Bad Company world. They went with option one and did a glorious job, at least from the small taste of the beta.

battlefield ww1

The sound in the game is something that is worth listening to with great audio. Planes zooming overhead, random guns firing, and soldiers yelling commands in old British slang. There was one instance where I got stuck in a sniper duel with an enemy. It made me really focus on him, which allowed me to listen to his gun blasting and echoing in the desert landscape. There was chaos off to my right with a battle brewing in a new zone, but I could still hear every time he pulled the trigger. Once he zeroed me in, I could hear the bullet wiz by me and blast into nearby wood. It was frightening in a very authentic way, but I kept my composure and tried to zero him in. Then BAM, my gun made the echo, the bullets flew the air, and his name was painted red on my screen. It was very satisfying, and a lot more satisfying than previous titles I must say. The game doesn’t have all kinds of “real” physics due to the older style guns, which makes it fun.

My favorite part of this map is the fact that air support is often caught up with other planes, and when they are not they are often just bombing spots on the map. There are no helicopters so there are not people hovering over spawn points making easy kills. That’s something I seriously hate about BF3 and BF4, so it’s a welcomed change.

When I first started playing I had my car glitch out and get stuck on a small bump. This led to me running across the map on foot and I thought “oh boy, here we go again.” Battlefield often has big open maps that lead to a lot of traveling, but the map in the beta doesn’t feel like that. The open part of the map can actually be utilized for great view points, or options to travel around enemies. You are never really forced into it. Instead battles are heavily focused in certain areas, which is nice.

I have encountered several technical errors while playing. I have a real hard time climbing anything for example. Usually my character will climb then fall back down, which will happen several times before I finally get over. I’m also noticing the vehicle glitch I mentioned above is happening to a lot of people. You notice when a vehicle stops moving and the driver gets out to look at it, tries to move it one more time, then gives up.

The beta is just a very small taste of the overall game, but I have to admit that it’s fun and one of the best Battlefield experiences I’ve had so far. The single map and style remind me a lot of the first Bad Company. I’m for sure excited for the final release and hope that the full game is very similar to what we have here.