Call of Duty Tips For Double XP Weekend

Don’t Run With Scissors!

I know walking places can be dull, and you should sprint to get out of the open. However when entering buildings or areas with lots of corners, its best to not sprint through them. Check the corners, go through doors with your gun already aimed, or have the trigger finger ready. Often times people will sit in halls watching doors, waiting for you to sprint on by. When doing that, it takes too long for your character to raise their gun, even with perks (read up!) to help the situation. If you do sprint through doors, have the knife button ready as someone could be waiting for you and that may be your last hope.

Stick To the Outside!

I don’t know why it is, but every game I play I see people run directly to the center of the map. This is where a  lot of the battle takes place, and could be a fun place to be at times. However this is where Kill/Death ratios become negative. If you want to stay alive, stay to the outside of the map. It limits where enemies may be, it keeps them somewhat in front of your, and you are less of a target.

Shoot First, Reload Later

I have this issue, and many other people do. You kill a person, first instinct is to reload. This often times kills me because where there is one guy, another one is lurking somewhere. If you pay attention, killing a person correctly takes about 10 shots. In an assault rifle you have 30 shots. Kill the person, then look around the area and check to see if anybody else is there. Once you are safe, take cover, reload, and move along. If it comes down to it and your clip hits the end, learn to use a secondary gun. If your clip is out, its common the enemy is either low or out too. Simply shooting at them will cause them to take cover, giving you time to reload your weapon.

Use A Silencer

Early on, people are going to be utilizing the map a ton. When you go blasting them with a normal gun, you show up on their radar, and they all turn towards you. Miss your shot? Now they know where you are. With a silencer you can get behind them and start taking them out without them ever knowing. Personally I always have two somewhat identical classes. One is the gun with a different attachment, and the other is the silenced one. Further down the line you can even utilize perks to completely hide from the radar all together. Not being seen will be a huge help to you, probably more than any other perk.

Be Unpredictable

When the map starts, people normally all run the same direction. If your team goes one way, go another. Unlike Battlefield, you can normally do well on your own like this. If you have a clan, form a plan to spread out a bit from the get go. Get in behind the enemies at first for a few easy kills. If you get spotted and run away, don’t go the full distance. Stop and look, stop midway and take an alternate route. Often times I get to a vantage point and just watch my enemy run in a circle before killing them.

Another thing to help be unpredictable is to constantly move. If you are getting shot at, and have cover, dive behind it. Otherwise move around in every way possible. Don’t constantly run to the right, it makes you an easy target. Instead stop, move the left, then back to the right and jump, just keep moving. It makes you harder to aim at than simply running.

Stick To walls, but not one wall

IW makes more rounded maps than Treyarch for some reason, and this means enemies are constantly around you at all times. Running in the open will normally get you killed 9 times out of 10. If you stick to a wall, that’s one less area you have to worry about. Plus it lets you hide a bit. Waist high walls will actually help as people in the distance will have a harder time hitting you. The thing is, you don’t want to camp. Some people may get away with it for a short while, but eventually the game will spawn the enemy team all around you, and the spot will be taken.
Know Your Weapon

My opinion is to try all sorts of weapons, learn what is good at what, then stick with one that suits your play style. If you shoot long range, then you will need a good scope and probably a gun with a burst fire. It also helps to know the maps. Some maps have lots of corners, close combat, so that long range weapon would be no use. Have multiple classes set up, so if one isn’t working, you switch to the other. However, you will know when you can make the shot or not. If a gun is terrible at distance, then its probably a good idea to not give away your position with hit markers.

Overall Call of Duty is one of the more noob friendly titles out there, which is probably why it is so popular. It is often in-game instincts that keep you alive, the twitch to shoot someone coming around a corner. However going into games while somewhat strategizing is always going to help you be better than the rest. If you have any tips to add, post them below! Also follow us on Facebook and Twitter for live updates. We will be live gaming and streaming during PS4’s release on Call of Duty: Ghosts, you can follow me on Twitter @KamiShadow for updates to when we will be playing!