Call of Duty Trailer Impression: Anyone Else Still Burned Out On WWII?

I don’t know about others, but I remember an age when almost every single shooter that released had something to do with WWII. We had Medal of Honor and Call of Duty doing it, then everyone else trying to jump in and grab some of the pie. Whenever games ventured off and did something more “modern” it always felt like a gem, and then Modern Warfare released which changed the game entirely.

While WWII games have been on the back burner for about a generation, I feel like if we are jumping back into that pool then it’s still too soon. I don’t mind a WWII game here and there, but if the whole industry is going to go there I will quickly get annoyed. Right now everyone is so tired of “future shooters” because there are so many of them, WWII will hit that same annoyance level even faster.

That being said the trailer didn’t provide a whole lot to really push me away from this belief. There are so many ways to approach WWII and yet it seems like we always return to D-Day like scenarios. We have had a few movies that explored other areas like how the German tanks could annihilate anything in their way, and how American tanks had to be more covert. There are stories of different combat tactics beginning to evolve, or we could even dive extremely deep into the horrors of concentration camps. D-Day is a spectacle that we’ve seen time and time again. Personally I’d be interested in maybe a smaller group of soldiers that get stuck in enemy lines, maybe one of the squads Patton directed. The trailer hinted heavily at this idea, but the actions behind it said something totally different.

The trailer truly felt like a typical COD trailer with a WWII skin over it. There was nothing that said to me “this will be different.” Everything about it yelled “Call of Duty” which isn’t a horrible thing to me since I’m a fan, but if they are looking to turn heads then it won’t do much. Already we can see their typical formula coming into play so anyone tired of the “same old game” probably won’t find enjoyment in that concept.  The way we were standing on a gunner mount while vehicles were seemingly going in a predetermined path, the yelling, the random ambush, and of course the explosion that sends you to the ground, iit all felt very familiar to me. I’m hoping that changes real soon with E3 right around the corner. Perhaps we can see more about their social features, and maybe online is going to offer something totally new with their “Destiny Tower” like addition.

What is exciting me about it is the fact we are stepping back in history where jumping on walls and leaping over players isn’t possible. We will have boots on the ground gameplay that I love, and hopefully level designs that compliment it. If heading back to WWII is what it takes to get this “classic” gameplay back then I’ll be more than happy for that reason alone. It might be a bit too soon to be curious, but I’m wondering where Treyarch is going to go when their turn comes back around. 

The absolute most exciting thing about the trailer is how amazing it visually looked. It seems Call of Duty is really stepping it up with a nice tone and some interesting visual choices. A lot of the scenes in the trailer were totally worth watching again.