Cinelinx Best of E3 2016 Award Nominees

Call of Duty: Infinite War

Call of Duty takes to the stars in the awesome new edition to the long-running franchise, Infinite War.  In this version, you fight your enemies using gravity-defying bullets, dynamic explosives, spaceships, even the unforgiving vacuum space, among other things.  Despite the many outcries from fans of CoD unhappy with the game, it’s gotten a lot of us at Cinelinx pretty pumped for Infinite War.

Days Gone

Days Gone was unveiled during Sony’s epic Press Conference, and the results were dynamic.  At first, they peaked our interest with a stunning cinematic trailer.  However, we were still left in the dark.  It wasn’t until they revealed gameplay that we understood what this game was about.  If the Sons of Anarchy series were set in the same universe as World War Z, you’d have Days Gone.  While there still are some bugs that need to be fixed (climbing was way too slow for a Zombie Apocalypse), Days Gone showed plenty of promise in a market desperate for originality.


Set on an alien world, as the pilot, you must discover what happened to the missing scientists, exploring the planet.  During your search, you’re exposed to many of the planet’s alien species, hell-bent on destroying you.  Using state-of-the-art VR tech, Farpoint raises the bar for VR gaming.  The game isn’t on tracks, you choose where you go via the new Motion Gun.  Plus, the attention to detail immerses you, fully, into the game.  You can read more about my hands-on time with the game over here

For Honor

Announced during E3 2015, many believed For Honor to be about Vikings, Samurai, and Knights fighting in a multiplayer Jade Empire-style War game.  However, E3 2016 showed us how wrong we were.  For Honor is a brutal RPG where you follow one of the heroes from the three warrior clans and their quest to conquer their foes, especially the instigator Apollyon.  The gameplay we experienced, of the Vikings trying to take the Samurai’s home, and the gameplay we played, of the Warden trying to hold off the knights attacking the castle, were the reason this game was nominated.  For Honor uses a brand new way of fighting, that takes sword-fighting to a whole other level.  You must anticipate your opponent’s movements to block while finding openings in their defense, to strike.  It is as brutal and fun as the trailers make it out to be.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Ubisoft is on a roll with their Tom Clancy special forces games.  The Division was a pretty big success and now they’ve revealed another game to join the Tom Clancy family.  Ghost Recon: Wildlands has gamers take on the Santa Blanca drug cartel in Bolivia.  The game is completely open world and has a variety of options for completing missions, with a number of bosses to take down.  Wildlands requires a lot of help from your friends, in order to hit simultaneous targets and take down a drug empire, peace-by-peace.  The one mission, alone, that we played had us in a car chase, parachuting from a helicopter, hacking a database, and infiltrating a compound disguised as an unsuspecting village.  Since Ghost Recon is massive, what we experienced is just the beginning.

God of War

It’s been six years since Kratos killed the Gods of Olympus and sent the world spiralling into chaos.  Now, he’s back but he’s no longer in Greece.  Sony confirmed what we reported months ago, with an amazing gameplay trailer for the new God of War game.  Kratos is taking on the beasts of Norse mythology!  However, this isn’t the same old God of War Kratos.  This Kratos is older, more in control, and has a son.  A son that can shoot lightning arrows!  The battle we see, during the gameplay trailer, was as cool as it was brutal.  Plus, there are dragons in what is believed to be an open world!

Horizon: Zero Dawn

Horizon: Zero Dawn is a game that we, here at Cinelinx, have been impatiently waiting for, for about a year.  Our watch began during E3 2015 when Sony showed off a really cool trailer for the game.  We had no context other than that it’s a world, in which, mechanical animals took over and humans have been resorted to living like cavemen again.  E3 2016 showed us an actual battle from the game.  Using specialized weapons, we got to see Aloy take on these creatures and discover more about the corruption that is spreading throughout the land.  A mixture of beautiful combat and environment with an enthralling story is the reason why Horizon: Zero Dawn was nominated.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

An open-world Zelda game may be the biggest addition to the series but it’s not the only one.  Breath of the Wild offers a multitude of new ways to play Zelda.  Including actual climbing, jumping, stamina bar, picking up weapons, etc.  It’s also the first time a Legend of Zelda game features voiceover!  They even show it off with the first words being “Open Your Eyes”!  When we got to play Breath of the Wild, it was so refreshing to be able to explore wherever and do whatever we wanted.  Not only that, but we played for 35 minutes and barely scratched the surface of the game.  Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild may be the best game in the series and it was the only one Nintendo needed to show.


Another game showed off during E3 2015!  This time, it comes from the press conferences of Microsoft and their new platformer ReCore.  It’s an intriguing new game that involves using your robots buddies to help you in each battle.  The game is actually designed so you have to use them.  If you don’t you won’t survive.  Furthermore, combat mechanics are different than most platformers.  In ReCore, you must match up the color of your ammo with that of the color of the enemy.  So it gets a little tough when you’re fighting blue bats and a yellow beast.  That’s part of what makes it so challenging.  I would’ve liked to have witnessed more story but we at least know it’s there.

Sea of Thieves

It took us two and a half hours to be able to play Sea of Thieves and it was well worth the wait.  The new game, developed by Rare, offers the chance for friends to sail the pirate seas, find treasure, and sink their opponent’s ships.  Sea of Thieves can be a very light-hearted game where accordions are standard items and flagons of ale are a-plenty.  Or you can have the freedom to be the most feared pirate in all the land.  You decide.

Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom

We’ve covered the progression of this title, a lot, as it went from Kickstarter Success Story to being a fully-fledged game.  So, when we had the opportunity to play Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom, we jumped at the chance and it did not disappoint.  In terms of story, Shiness does a good job of introducing players to an all-new original world with a newly-created language.  Not only do they use cinematics but they also incorporate a comic book-style of storytelling.  Plus, they use a new form of combat that I hadn’t experienced before.  It was a mix between an RPG and a Fighting game, with a seamless transition.  We were very impressed by Shiness: The Lightning Kingdom which is why it was nominated for Best of E3!

South Park: The Fractured But Whole

The sequel to The Stick of Truth, the South Park kids are taking on superheroes with The Fractured But Whole.  In it, the kids are feuding over the best way to run a superhero franchise with some thinking Marvel is the better option over the DC method and vise versa.  Once again, you are the new kid who must form his own identity, using Cartman’s help of course.  When we got a chance to play this game, we found that it’s a lot funnier and a much bigger game than its predecessor.  They’ve even fixed a lot of the combat issues that players had with Stick of Truth.  There was absolutely no civil war over whether or not it should be nominated for Best of E3!


Ubisoft’s latest passion-project, Steep, is a new sports game that make the Alps into your own open-world playground.  With four different sports like Snowboarding, Skiing, Base Jumping, and Parachuting players can challenge their friends or compete against other gamers around the world.  It’s a unique way to play winter sports.  Not only that, but it’s tough too.  It requires a lot of playing-time to not wipe out on every slope.  Although, there’s something really hilarious about wiping out.  Steep also presents the gamer with an absolutely gorgeous environment to play through.  They took a lot of time and care with this game, and it shows.

Telltale Batman

Telltale went the extra mile with their E3 2016 booth, creating a compact version of Wayne Manor.  From cigars to pictures to a grandfather clock that opened up to the Batcave, Telltale had their Batman going strong.  Inside the Batcave, Telltale was able to give us a sneak peek into what they’ve been working on for their latest Telltale game.  What they showed was pretty remarkable.  By remarkable, we mean they actually made Bruce Wayne as interesting as Batman!  It was because of that astounding development and the incredible booth that we had to give them a nomination.

We Happy Few

Compulsion Games has created a twisted game, inspired by the likes of A Clockwork Orange and an art direction reminiscent of Bioshock!  Together, these themes give us the delightfully-creepy game, We Happy Few.  The demented games takes place in an alternative version of 1960s England where inhabitants take a drug called Joy in order to trick themselves into believing that the world is all sunshine and gumdrops.  However when you stop taking your Joy, society labels you as a “Downer”.  In We Happy Few, Downers are beaten until knocked out.  Once knocked out, they’re pumped full of Joy and forget everything.  Which means, if you go down, you start from the beginning!  It’s an awesome concept with gorgeous graphics and one that has intrigued us enough to give them the nomination for Best of E3!

Just for Fun: 10 Cloverfield Lane Booth

E3 is known for having some of the most unique and expansive booths of any con or expo.  However, it was the 10 Cloverfield Lane booth that really caught our eye.  It wasn’t located on the showroom floor, but it was near the South hall food area.  Paramount recreated the shelter from 10 Cloverfield Lane, Jukebox/Puzzled included, for people to charge their phones, relax, and take a picture with John Gallagher Jr.’s (John Goodman) picture!  We love Cloverfield so much and it was such a creative way to sell the Blu-ray we had to give it an Honorable Mention for Best of E3 2016!  If you haven’t had the pleasure of watching it yet.  Check out our editor-in-chief Jordan’s review of 10 Cloverfield Lane!

That’s it!  Those are the games we’ve selected for Best of Show in this year’s E3, but now it’s up to you guys to decide who takes home the ultimate victory.  Vote using our poll (above) or in the comments below in the comment section for your favorite game out of our list of nominees.  We’ll be announcing the winner this Friday, so you better start voting!