Cinelinx E3 Predictions And Expectations 2017

Project Scorpio


Last year, overall, E3 was kind of a dull moment for many reasons. Sure we got a glimpse into Microsoft’s future with Project Scorpio, after the promised they wouldn’t be doing that, but they kind of forgot to bring the unit with them. Sony had a stellar opening showcase and showed off many games, but a majority of them are still unreleased, and undated. Third party studios, the ones that haven’t dropped out, also had their own moments but at many points became a snooze fest. I mean Ubisoft had spent how long advertising the Assassin’s Creed movie? This is a GAMING convention. In hopes to not have that happen again, this year should be all about expanding on what 2016 already introduced to us.

Project Scorpio – Microsoft has the biggest weapon in their hands right now, and it’s potentially a bigger deal than anything they’ve ever had leading into E3. Yes it was shocking when they introduced it last year, but this year we know it exists. We know people want to learn more, and we know Microsoft has been testing it for months now with several developers. This is prime time for them as we get confirmed tech specs, features, and lifelong planning for Xbox as a whole. Most importantly we need to see games and reasons why we should be spending a premium on Scorpio, instead of just sticking with standard consoles. This is do or die time for Microsoft, they can’t have another Xbox One flub.

Sony’s Hidden Gems – Undoubtedly Sony has something up their sleeve because they also know Microsoft can potentially blow the doors off E3 with Scorpio, so what are they going to bring in response? There are rumors of a new portable unit, but I doubt Sony is going to jump that far. They already have VR, PS4, a few side projects around those two, and a dead Vita that’s going to drag down any type of portable announcement they make. Instead I expect some shocking game announcements and this needs to be massive to compete with Scorpio coverage.

That’s why Sony needs to bring in the big guns with Rockstar, EA studios, or someone unexpected. Rockstar obviously has Red Dead, but they’ve also been cooking things up elsewhere for Sony and have been rather quiet about it. Yes they are shy E3 attendees, but when they show up…. They SHOW UP. Sucker Punch has also been rather quiet for some time now, so I expect their game to be announced this year, just don’t expect it anytime soon. Lastly Sony will fill spots with more coverage of last years announcements including more of Kojima’s new gem, Insomniac’s Spider-Man, and of course more God of War and Uncharted. Some smaller surprises might be a few remasters including Spyro the Dragon.

Wolfenstein – The only game I really want to single out, after backtracking a bit, is Wolfenstein: The New Order Sequel. I realize that no other game announcement has me as excited as this game and so far all we have is a very tiny teaser for a follow up from Bethesda’s 2016 press conference. I don’t think they would tease it like that if they didn’t plan to announce it within a year, so I expect to see it at their showcase. Perhaps we will get a Doom teaser to go alongside it.

 Halo 5 Guardians face off


This will be my 3rd consecutive year at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, and I couldn’t be any more excited for what all the big name companies are planning.  There are a lot of unknowns this year, compared to years past.  Sure, we know about Project Scorpio and expect to see it in all its glory at the Microsoft Press Conference, but that’s about it.  Like Dustin suggested, Sony has something up their sleeve that will no doubt attempt to “Win E3”, like they did a year ago.  While that may be the most entertaining thing to watch, here are a few others I’ll be keeping an eye out for.

New Halo game – If Microsoft intends on showing off Project Scorpio, they’re going to need to give gamers a reason to buy it.  What’s the best way to do that?  With exclusive games, of course.  With Gears of War 4 having come out last year and Microsoft being limited in the successful IP department, it’s time to go back to old faithful, Halo.  I’m not talking about Halo Wars, I mean a legit Halo game where Master Chief is taking on the universe.  Granted, it still won’t be Bungie making the game but it would give gamers enough of a reason to buy the new console.

An update on Death Stranding & Days Gone – Two of the most exciting games shown during Sony’s press conference last year were Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding (featuring a naked Norman Reedus) and the Sons of Anarchy-World War Z hybrid Days Gone.  Fans may argue that God of War is more important, but the first trailer they showed was enough for me.  Who am I kidding?  They’ll still show us more and I won’t complain.  Nevertheless, the other two Sony IPs gave us enough to peak our interest, but I’d still like more to really convince me to buy these games, specifically gameplay for Death Stranding.

More Quality Switch Games – The Nintendo Switch came out last March and one of the biggest complaints about Nintendo’s new mobile console was that there weren’t enough games for it.  Many even joked that it was just a The Legend of Zelda machine.  Since Nintendo invested a lot of time and money into this console, you have to believe that they’ll be announcing a lot more for the console, not just indie titles.  The main attraction for their Nintendo Direct will no doubt be their new Super Mario Odyssey game, but I’d prefer seeing an announcement for a new Super Smash Bros. Switch.  The game would be in line with Nintendo’s recent esports thinking.  With Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, and ARMS in the fold, a new Smash Bros. would allow them to dominate the esports circuit.

New Assassin’s Creed game – It’s going to happen.  You know it is.  After holding themselves back from announcing a new Assassin’s Creed game, Ubisoft is going to have to show off the next AC game during their press conference.  The name we’ve mostly heard is Assassin’s Creed: Empire and that it’ll be in Egypt.  I’d love to see the landscape and some story elements, including a new Desmond of some sort.

Next Elder Scrolls Game – I say it every year and so far I’ve been 0 for 2 on predicting a new Elder Scrolls game.  Last year, Bethesda teased us with the announcement of Skyrim: The Definitive Edition, which was awesome, but this year I’m once again calling my shot.  There isn’t a Dishonored game, Prey already came out, Quake Champions isn’t big enough to main event the conference, and it’s too soon for another Fallout game.  So, conventional wisdom says that this is the year for Elder Scrolls VI, unless it isn’t.

A reason to convince me that VR is still worth our time – This is a big one.  Studios and companies tried really hard to convince the gaming community that VR wasn’t just a fad.  With limited quality releases and overpriced headsets, it hasn’t given me any reason to believe it is the future of gaming.  Last year, E3 was flush with VR games for fans to try.  I myself played quite a lot of them, but most of them were either still in development of just not enough to keep fans interested when they released.  In my opinion, 2017 will be a make or break year for VR and they’ll really need to impress at this year’s E3.

 god of war 4 delayed to 2017 due to major plot changes kratos son wife revealed


As always, I’m going into this year’s E3 with high hopes and expectations.  Last year really hit the right chord with gamers, offering up more gameplay goodness than ever before.  With Scorpio on the horizon, Switch already in gamers’ hands, and PlayStation bringing the good games, I’m excited to see what the event will bring…But more specifically:

God of War DetailsGod of War made a return last E3 with a fairly stunning trailer/gameplay reveal to kick off Sony’s press conference.  Since then, however, things have been silent regarding the upcoming revamp of the franchise.  As such, I’m expecting to get another trailer (maybe something regarding more of the story this time around), and concrete details on what fans can expect.  Hopefully we’ll even get a release date/window.  

More Star Wars – We know Star Wars Battlefront II is going to be at the forefront of EA’s stuff this time around.  They’ve told us, and will even have a playable demo for attendees to get their hands on.  While the new story looks exciting, I’m ready to look beyond the shooting genre for the galaxy far, far away.  

We know they’re developing multiple Star Wars games, but so far we’ve seen only the barest glimpse of them.  I know there’s a trailer in existence for Visceral’s upcoming game, and E3 seems like the perfect time to debut it.  Let’s just hope it happens.  At the least, I suspect we’ll get another quick behind the scenes video of what’s in the works like last year.  

Spider-Man PS4 – Oh man!  I can’t begin to tell you how happy I was to find out last year that the Spider-Man franchise was in the hands of a new developer.  The Spider-Man games have been among my favorite comic book games to release, but the quality has been dropping DRASTICALLY since the PS3 days.  Seeing Insomniac Games’ take on the wall-crawler in a trailer last year was incredibly exciting, but the lack of new information has been painful.  

This year should bring us more details on the story (which we know isn’t based on the new film) and some gameplay footage.  Let’s also cross our fingers to get an actual release date this time as well.  

The Last of Us Part 2 – The first trailer for The Last of Us Part II was a tantalizing glimpse at a sequel we weren’t sure would ever happen.  It brought up a lot of questions, with almost no answers, yet remains something fans have latched on to.  While I’m not expecting a whole bunch of information on Naughty Dog’s return to Joel and Ellie’s world, I would be surprised if we don’t get another trailer of some sort for fans to pick apart.  

Rocksteady’s Next Game – It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything, even rumblings, of what Rocksteady (the Batman Arkham developers) has been working on.  Rumors have popped up saying it’s a new kind of Batman game, a Justice League title, or another hero entirely.  Some credible sites have expected to see their next project revealed at previous events throughout the last eight months, so it seems like E3 would be a solid bet.  It’s about time to see what they’re cooking up.

Of course, these are the things I’m expecting to see and looking forward to most, but I have some wild hopes about what COULD be shown off during the event:

Horizon Zero Dawn Story DLC

Pokemon Game on the Switch

Switch Virtual Console Details

Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster

Final Fantasy VII Remake Stuff (slim odds, I know)

3079378 deathstranding screen ps4 007 1465877396


Death Stranding – Exciting for all the reasons inherent to Kojima breaking away from his Konami constraints… And that’s enough for me to get hyped despite its total mystery, unorthodox tone, and scarce info. It’s so early in development that I can’t practically say I count on seeing gameplay, but a trailer, vague gameplay info, etc would just about send me over on its own.

Original IPs/Exclusives – I want a new reason to play one console over the other. Microsoft’s pillar franchises are no longer in the hands of their original creators, and they’re feeling a bit exhausted. Sony’s fairing better so far (Horizon Zero Dawn, Persona 5) but I’ll still hope and press for more, and Nintendo could still use stronger Third-Party Developers.

Last of Us 2 – However there is a sequel I’m excited for, and that’s the sequel to The Last Of Us. Though I’m stubbornly disgruntled that they’re continuing the story of Ellie when I thought the first ended her and Joel’s perfectly, I’m confident Naughty Dog and its writers will do us right. If they show gameplay I might just faint.

Aaron (Hope)

  • Original IP’s, new per console exclusives

  • The Last of Us 2

  • Wild started development in 2014, and it’s been awhile since we’ve seen anything new. I hope to see more gameplay

  • More Switch Content

  • More Final Fantasy 7 Remake/KH3 teases

  • Bioware’s “new, original, IP’ revealed

Aaron (Anticipation)

  • Breathe Of The Wild DLC first looks

  • God Of War gameplay

  • Shenmue 3

  • More Super Mario gameplay

  • Death Stranding



As of right now, I’m playing the great Pre-E3 email game. Fortunately, I feel like this could be one heck of an event this year.  Like the others, I’m excited about Scorpio, but nowhere near my main focus this year. I’m hearing we might be seeing some revivals of some of my favorite Sega characters. Everything from Seaman to HD remakes of the first two Shenmue games.

I’m also incredibly excited to see this year’s console exclusives, especially from Sony. I need some playtime with God of War and Spider-Man.  I’m really pumped to see what coming for the Switch. After playing BOTW so much, I can’t wait to see more RPG,s coming to that system . I feel like it’s made for long JRPGs.  Last but not least, I want a slew of new IP’s. It’s time for some new blood to enter the match.