Cinelinx Game of The Year Winners


Best Xbox Title (360 and One) – Sunset Overdrive

The runner up here was Titanfall, which was nominated by a few of our staff as well. However Sunset Overdrive seems to edge out Titanfall by allowing Insomniac to return to the fun roots of sci-fi and stay on top of everyones mind long after release. Sunset Overdrive became a fun hit on Youtube Let’s Play videos, and has create a fun little following to go with it. The game was pure creative fun so it was hard to pass it up.


Best PlayStation Title (PS3, PS4, Vita) – InFamous: Second Son

InFamous was selected several times for overall Game of the Year, let alone best on one platform. The game was helped by being part of an already established franchise we all love, but it brought it to new ground. A new character, city, and story all made it feel special. Follow that up with a standalone DLC that explored one of the new characters, and you got yourself a win. The visuals blowing us away was just a bonus on top of it all.


Best Nintendo Title (3DS, WiiU) – Super Smash Bros.

Runner up here was Mario Kart 8,  but how do you pass up Super Smash Bros? Not only did it release on WiiU, but it hid 3DS as well which is a first for the series. The game is pure all out fun, and the franchise helps move consoles. The only franchise I think does all of this better is Zelda, and well we said it was hard picking our most anticipated game didn’t we?


Overall Game of the Year – Dragon Age: Inquisition

Runner up here was Destiny, but due to its “broken” nature it allowed Dragon Age to slip on by with one extra vote! Dragon Age will take just as much of your time and it feels extremely complete with most of our staff spending tons of hours in the game, and some still not finishing the main story! The game is pure outright addicting, and as our staff explains, it’s what you expect from a game! Bioware never disappoints and they truly deserve this award, and will more than likely find a way to earn it in the future too.

Some comments from our staff include:

Eric – ” From the fantastic graphics to the overall mechanics, Dragon Age managed to rarely disappoint.  Every new area is a visual feast that I couldn’t wait to explore.”

Katy – ” It adopted the sandbox open world that I enjoyed with Skyrim and has the the ever famous decision tree mechanic that Bioware has been perfecting over the years, and the ability to just explore for hours (because I just simply cannot help it) is what sold the game for me.”

metal gear

Most Anticipated Title of 2015 – Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain

This award was hard to pick, but Metal Gear is mentioned more times than anything when our staff talks about future games. This game finds a way to surprise us and send us into frenzy and it isn’t even close to releasing yet! Based on our excitement and you guys reading this, it seemed fair to say Metal Gear is our video game version of Star Wars next year. We all want it, and we all can’t wait to get it!(Don’t worry, we have an article coming soon talking about more anticipated titles!)


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