Cinelinx Weekly Stream Kicks Off With Madden 19 Tonight at 7PM CST

Cinelinx is starting a brand new weekly stream and we’re kicking it off with some old-fashioned gridiron action with Madden 19Tonight at 7pm  CST, you can follow all the action via the embed below, or head directly to our Twitch Channel to join in on the chat, conversation, pick the teams I should play as, and even challenge me on PS4 with the gamertag Septero7!

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Every Wednesday the gaming team here at Cinelinx will be live-streaming a game of their choice giving you guys the chance to see some awesome games in action, while getting to directly interact with members of our staff! We’ll still be using our channels games at other times (like our recent Black Ops 4 Beta adventures), but we wanted to set aside a specific day each week you’ll be able to tune in.

To keep up with all of our gaming, be sure to follow us on our Twitch Channel AND subscribe to our YouTube channel to find all the highlights and streams you may have missed.