Cinelinx’s Gaming Gift Guide 2019

If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the gamer on your Holiday shopping list this year, the Cinelinx crew has you covered!

It’s that time of year again when the weather gets cold, and the Christmas decorating/shopping has begun. If you have movie lovers, gamers, or nerds in general, on your shopping list the Cinelinx team is here to help you find the perfect gift with our annual gift guides.

Don’t miss out on our previously released Movie Gift Guide, and be sure to check out our Geek Pick of the Week features for even more ideas. Now, let’s get to the games!


Maybe I’m biased because I’ve been a fan of Nintendo since I was a child, but this holiday season is jam-packed with great gift ideas for those of all ages!

The Nintendo Switch Lite with its $200 price point and great selection of colors makes a great gift for your favorite gamer on-the-go. Although the newer model does not connect to a television for traditional console play, it’s an amazing handheld console option that gives access to amazing games released this year like Luigi’s Mansion 3, Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield, and Fire Emblem Three Houses.

Untitled Goose Game is my indie-pick for a fun game to pick up on either the Switch or on PC to add some holiday-time hilarity to your household.

If you already own a Switch, the Lite offers a great opportunity to capitalize on local co-operative play that may not be available without more than one console, such as Stardew Valley (a perpetual favorite and continual recommendation of mine).


The last couple months alone are filled with enough game to fill several Christmas wish lists. More than that, there are some really neat gaming-themed gifts on the market as well for you to choose from.

Pokemon Sword/Shield – The first full Pokemon title on a main Nintendo console is likely to be on just about everyone’s list this year, and with good reason. The iconic RPG franchise has changed up a bunch of things and looks better than ever thanks to the Switch. People are sure to be filling their Pokedex’s up well into the New Year.

Arcade 1UP Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Machine – Arcade 1UP made a big impression when they launched last year. Their smaller scale cabinets gave gamers the chance to bring a functioning arcade into their homes in an updated way that wasn’t too expensive.

They’ve greatly expanded their line-up this year and I can’t think of any cabinet fans would want more than their new TMNT one. Bringing together both the beloved Arcade game and Turtles in Time, there’s a lot of great gameplay awaiting players.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – The first single-player Star Wars game in nearly a decade, there’s no way I can leave this off the list. Hell, throw in some of the action figures and there’s several gift ideas all together.

Razer’s Stormtrooper Collection – Razer was kind enough to let me test out their recently released Star Wars themed products (the Goliathus Mousepad, Wireless Mouse, and Keyboard) and I continue to use them as part of my regular setup at home! As such, any Star Wars gamer will likely love the chance to see these under the Christmas tree.


Pokemon Sword and ShieldAs a long time fan of Pokemon games, I suffered on the sidelines for years as the games remained confined to handheld systems that I couldn’t afford. Imagine my joy when Pokemon Sword and Shield finally, FINALLY brought the adventure to the Nintendo Switch. Whichever game you get, it’s going to be a lot of fun.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order – It’s a single-player Star Wars game, what more do you really need to know?

The Outer Worlds – I’ve seen enough of this game to know it’s amazing. Go get it.


Pokémon Sword and ShieldNo one should be surprised at this. Now we already know that the game will have a few issues like not all Pokemon will be available. At last mention, it was only going to be about 50% of the Pokemon out there. There’s also been some concern with the starting Pokemon, but I honestly don’t care. It’s Pokemon on the Nintendo Switch, I’m going to buy it and play it until I get sick of it.

Google Stadia –  I really want to try this service but I sure as hell don’t wanna spend my money to start it up. The founder’s pack for $129, is an excellent way to get someone started on the service. If you bought them individually they’d cost $170 (Chromecast ultra, Stadia controller, & 3 months service). See there, I’ve already saved you $40 on a Christmas present.


The holidays can be a tricky time for uninformed loved ones to find the best games for the gamer of their family. This year, though, there are a slew of games to make that special gamer in your life happy. In fact 2019 has been so stacked with exceptional games, my list features games of different genres. You’re sure to find the one that will delight your picky gamer.

The Outer Worlds – Kicking off my list is one of my favorite games of 2019. The Outer Worlds is the open-world interstellar exploration that fans of the genre have yearned for. Since it was directed by the same duo that directed Fallout New Vegas and the original Fallout series, the game feels similar to its post-apocalyptic predecessor but it surpasses it in every possible way. The NPCs are incredible, the worlds are unique, the weapons are a blast, the choices are gut-wrenching, and the blatant advertisements and corporate consumerism is downright intriguing. It got a perfect score in our review and it could be the perfect game for your gamer.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses – It was a banner year for Nintendo and their Switch console. They had incredible success with Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and more recently Pokemon Sword and Shield. However, the game that tops them and should be under the tree this year is Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In a word, this game is simply excellent. Fire Emblem: Three Houses features a slew of intriguing characters, strategic battling, and an exorbitant amount of replayability. This is a game you can get lost in and is a must-have for any Nintendo Switch owner.

Quick Pick Games You Can’t Go Wrong With:

Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and The Lion King

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered

Need for Speed: Heat

Planet Zoo


Death StrandingNow, before I get into why this is something you should get, I should preface that you should only get this game if the gamer of your home is a big story gamer. If they play games with deep story elements, this is the perfect game. If not, maybe steer clear. The reason I say this is because Death Stranding is an absolutely remarkable game and one of video games’ few masterpieces. However, it takes a while to get there. Death Stranding is definitely a slow burn, as it tells the story of Sam Bridges, a Porter (like a mailman), who is on a mission to reconnect the world after a catastrophic event. Thus, the main gameplay of Death Stranding is, well, delivering mail. Yet, somehow it’s addicting and the revolutionary way other players can help each other is one of the best parts of the game. Hideo Kojima, the genius behind the game and the Metal Gear series, utilized techniques used in cinema to create masterful storytelling and unique characters. It just takes a while to get there, but the destination is worth the journey.

Sekiro: Shadows Die TwiceIf the gamer of your household wants a real challenge, look no further than this title. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is by the same studio that created Dark Souls, FromSoftware, so yeah it’s hard as hell. It tells the story of a one-armed shinobi who battles powerful creatures and soldiers within fictional feudal Japan. The combat of this game is like nothing else. It requires strategy, skill, and patience, with an emphasis on the last quality. Your gamer wants a challenge, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is that challenge.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Gaming HeadsetEach year, I am lucky enough to review quite a few Gaming Headsets. This year, my favorite was the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero Wireless Gaming Headset. It’s primarily for the PC gamer in your home and features impactful, powerful 3D sound. Movies sound like you’re in the theater, TV Shows sound like you’re watching from the set, and video games sound the way they were always meant to be heard. It’s a must-have for the PC gamer looking for a better sound experience.

PlayStation VR/Trover Saves the UniversePlayStation VR is probably one of the most underrated features of the PlayStation 4. A few years ago, the VR craze was at a fever pitch, but when they actually released, many were underwhelmed by the lack of games available. Now, however, there are tons of VR games for gamers to enjoy and PlayStation VR has an excellent assortment to choose from and a bunch more that are on the way, like Iron Man VR. One of the games you should get for it is Trover Saves the Universe. If the adult gamer in your home is a fan of Rick and Morty, Trover Saves the Universe features the same random, unique brand of humor. It’s one of the funniest games of the year and an easy play through that will surely make the adult gamer of the house in side-splitting tears.

New PlayStation 4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch Controller – This holiday season, you’re likely to see a ton of ads with incredible sales on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. You may even be tempted to buy one of them because of it. DO NOT DO THIS. Next year, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox’s Project Scarlett will release and your gamer is going to be wanting that generation of console anyway. So, unless you’re looking to buy a Nintendo Switch, just save your money. Instead, if your gamer already has an existing PS4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch, consider buying a custom controller. Each one of these systems has them and they usually run anywhere from $70-$100. It’s not something your gamer will likely buy for themselves but it’s something they’ll absolutely cherish.


Mortal Kombat 11If you ask me, MK11, was the top game this year. One of the best in the series. With Downloadable content still being released it is a gift that’ll keep on giving.

WWE 2k19 –  BAHAHAHAHA, just kidding, don’t buy this crap.


Death StrandingIf you like Kojima (Metal Gear Solid series) then you will enjoy Death Stranding. It’s weird, and tedious at times but extremely fun to play, and to enjoy the story along with it.


Playstation VR Bundle Since I finally purchased my first PS4 over the summer (I know, I know..gasp!), I have been eyeing the various VR bundles on Amazon. I have been fascinated by immersing myself in alternate worlds since I first watched my favorite film, Beetlejuice, as a child. This has the needed equipment to start, plus a couple games to you started.


This year there are all kinds of games for you to buy for your loved ones, but there are a few I would say you can’t pass up on!

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen OrderA new epic tale in the Star Wars Universe, this has to be the best Star Wars game since Star Wars Force Unleashed! With unique gameplay and a story good enough for the big screen, this is a must but for all Star Wars Fans!

Call of Duty: Modern WarfareCaptain Price and the gang are back in this soft reboot of the Modern Warfare series. With a more gritty and dark approach, Modern Warfare aims to tell the truth of what war consists of. It’s more than a tale of Good vs Evil, it’s a tale of what we don’t see…the horrors behind war. The multiplayer and COOP modes are back and better than ever, with the rumor of a BattleRoyale mode coming soon!

The Outer WorldsAlthough I haven’t had a lot of time to sit down with this title, I do have to say this is THE exploration game I have been looking for..for some time! The vast worlds, beautiful scenery, and crazy characters you run into make me really see why Obsidian is by far one of the best dev teams in the industry today.


We hope our gaming gift guides helps you with your shopping list this year (or even give you ideas on what to add to your own list). If so, be sure to share for everyone else to enjoy and use as well!