compLexity Gaming Answers the Question: ‘How to Get A Job in Esports?’

“How do I get a job in Esports?”

You know when you’ve watched a DOTA competition or attended a Call of Duty World League event this question has crossed your mind.  How could it not?  The idea of spending each and every day working with a team on their way to the bright lights of a major event sounds incredible.  While that dream may seem like it’s all fun and games, the reality is that a career in Esports is serious business and isn’t easy to enter.  Although, as we learned in episode 14 of compLexity Gaming’s POV series, it may be attainable if you’re willing to put in the work.

The biggest takeaway from compLexity’s video is that in order to get what you want out of life, you have to be willing to put yourself out and there, work hard, and network with as many people as possible.  It worked tremendously well for Jordan Deaton, who went from a small town in North Carolina to joining a legit Esports team in Dallas, TX.   

So, as you ponder your strategy to cracking the industry you’re most fascinated with, think about Jordan’s story and try to relate it to your own.  Work hard, make friends with everyone you meet, and never quit.  It’s the perfect plan for any almost-college grad stressing over the fact that their college career is almost over and the workforce is calling.  Be motivated, don’t be stressed, and maybe one day we’ll be sharing your story as the next big Esports (or insert industry here) success story.

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