Nintendo Switch: Our Initial Thoughts and Impressions

The Cinelinx team has been speculating and discussing the Nintendo NX for the past several months.  As we all watched the Switch reveal trailer live together, our chat windows were filled with various exclamations and ideas.  After finally seeing waht the Nintendo Switch is about (though not really any games), we decided to pull together our initial impressions on the new console.  While we’re overwhelming positive, a few of us do have concerns: 

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Dustin – Nintendo Switch does everything Sony promised my Vita would do, and it does everything I was hoping WiiU would eventually do. It’s a gamers dream come true, but there are a lot of questions left to be had. What are the specs, why kind of games can we expect, what type of storage are we talking about? An interesting thing I brought up with everyone here is how do we protect the “on-the-go” portion of it? Will cases work with it, and how many cases and protectors do we need to buy? There are a lot of parts to this unit and losing any of it will break it.

My main concern is Vita suffered from having generic versions of console games nobody wanted to play (Resistance RetributionCall of Duty….), so how will Nintendo handle this approach. I love Nintendo’s handheld titles for simply being perfect handheld titles. There is a reason I own a 3DS and not a WiiU so it will be interesting how Nintendo crosses this bridge. I think it’s amazing I could take Zelda with me, but I also want to play Bravely Default while sitting in a park. There is one thing that is making me want to pre-order this beast ASAP though, a real Pokemon game on my TV!

nintendo switch pro controller

Matt – Nintendo is all about the mobile gamer.  They have been ever since the Gameboy exploded, in the 90s.  Nintendo continued to invest in handheld gaming once their consoles started to falter.  So, seeing Nintendo create an entirely original system based on what they’re strong at makes me ecstatic!  

The Nintendo Switch is like nothing I’ve ever seen before.  A system that connects to your TV and then can go mobile?  My 12-year old self is doing backflips!  How many times have you been on your console, knowing you need to get going and wishing you could take the game with you?  If you’re like me, it’s literally every day of my life.  The Nintendo Switch does just that, causing productivity in the workplace to fall to absolute 0.  

There are still several pieces of information that remain unknown.  For instance, what’s the battery life on the tablet? How much memory will we get?  Is there a port for more memory?  How durable is it?  We’re dealing with a pretty expensive piece of equipment and you’re asking people to move about the world with it.  It’ll be extremely easy to drop, scratch, smash, etc.  I don’t want to do a gut-check every time the JoyCon accidentally slides out of my hand and my multi-hundred dollar investment shatters upon impact with the unforgiving ground.  It’s safe to say that I’d like to know about Nintendo’s plan to protect the Nintendo Switch.

All that being said, it’s still a console I desperately want.  The ability to play The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild or any game from anywhere is too exciting to pass up.  Plus, it’s ergonomically designed so people like my wife will actually be alright with it being out in the open.  In my opinion, Nintendo hit a homerun with this one, I just hope the specs enforce our excitement and not deflate it.

NintendoSwitch hardware.0.0

Rob – Ever since the Super Nintendo I have not been a fan of Nintendo products. Even though they’ve had very entertaining titles, Nintendo has always seemed two steps behind everyone else in the console market. Then, I saw the Nintendo Switch and the thought, “Wow, I think I may get that” went off in my head. The design & functionality of the system looks incredible. A relatively small footprint device that you can take on the go with you. Controllers you can have on the device or remove and play with a friend.

Now I’m not gonna go all in and say “I’m buying it the second it comes out.” there are still questions about the device I need answers to.

  • How many wi-fi connections can it have? 3DS maxes out at 3.

  • Will it take other memory cards SD/Micro SD? If yes, what is the maximum size?

  • What other kinds of media can I access on the system? Youtube/Hulu should be a given, but what about Amazon Prime Video, HBO GO, or STARZ to name a few.

  • Is there a decent internet browser on it?

  • Camera and/or Video capability? Not a deal breaker just wanna know if it can do it’?

As for now I wait for more info, but from what I saw, all i can say to Nintendo is – “Gentlemen, you had my curiosity. But now you have my attention.”

NintendoSwitch hardware2.0

Mike – I love this new design. It makes perfect sense to have a tablet interface with side controllers for portability and includes a kickstand. I don’t know if any tablets that have one built in yet. If it is a decent price range I would buy it in a heartbeat. I miss my original NES and my Wii. Thankfully I have a Game boy Advance SP and New 3DS to get my Nintendo fix for now.

I am also happy to see you can play co-op with each player using one controller for classic games. I CANNOT WAIT! I would also be interested to see the internal storage capacity now that technology is allowing higher capacity like 254GB or greater on microSD alone, not to mention needing to know the screen resolution as I am a technophile at heart.


Jason – I have to say I am impressed with what Nintendo has presented. Always ahead of the game, see what I did there, on mobile gaming while others have died out Nintendo has continued to succeed and revolutionize. Nintendo has always been good about the party game factor of the way they handle multiplayer and if the ability to do so as presented will be a huge draw to this console. I think I’m sold on this one already. Gimme!

Nintendo Switch 10.0

Jordan – Like many, I’d been following the various rumors and leaks regarding the Nintendo NX (er…Nintendo Switch).  The concept of an actual handheld/home console hybrid had me excited, but what I saw today blew away those expectations.  Seriously, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from the hybrid aspects, but I’m more than happy with what was shown.  

I know, it’s a trailer meant to highlight the abilities of the system and, like every other early console reveal, probably shows features that won’t be fully there upon launch.  Regardless of that, I’m stoked, and the main reason is because of my current life situation.  

When I leave work, I pick up the kids and go home to cook dinner (my girlfriend does help with that, but we’re helping with all 3 kids here).  From there it’s help with homework, spending time with the family, and working on any projects (drawing, writing, etc) I have leftover.  Once the kids go to bed, I have a couple precious hours in the day left to actually spend with my significant other.  

As such, it’s simply not feasible for me play these massive 40-50 games.  Hell, it took me OVER A YEAR to finally beat the main story on Metal Gear Solid V.

With the Nintendo Switch, however, I could actually play those bigger games at my own pace without having to ignore everything else.  I could play it during breaks at work, while traveling, and whenever else.  This aspect is what has me the most excited, as I might finally be able to play those AAA titles that were previously too daunting for my schedule to allow.