Cool Case Mods for Your (Soon-to-Be) Outdated Consoles

Sometimes just having the console displayed openly isn’t enough.  There are times when your console can become as much a part of your geeky video game decoration as it is functional.  Fortunately others have thought of the same thing, and have tricked out their consoles in intricate and unique designs.  Thus I present some of the coolest (in my opinion anyway) console mods I’ve seen, that could make your current-gen consoles stand out and retain it’s awesomeness even when faced with the next-gen. 

Nintendo Wii:


super mario galaxy wii1

WII24.won 20.mario gal2--article image


While some may argue that I might as well include the Wii U in here (not seeing it as “true” next-gen), I disagree, so I’m kicking things off with some Wii mods.  Nintendo’s little motion-controlled system, might not seem the best candidate for modding, but obviously that’s not the case.  While there weren’t any good Star Wars games released for the system (sadly), I’m partial to the Star Wars Wii.  Fans of the Mario and Metroid franchise have much to be envious about, however, with those mods.  While you may not be using that console anymore, it can at the least look damn cool on your shelf!

Playstation 3:



ps3 case mods 1

Sony’s console has undergone quite a few transformations all on it’s own over the years, but that doesn’t mean you still can’t take it a few steps further.  I mean really, can you think of a better way to play the Bioshock games than with that Steampunk styled mod?  Nor can you deny the awesomeness of the detailed Haze mod either.  There’s a lot of ways to keep your ‘old’ console looking fresh.  

Xbox 360:

gator xbox 360


Halo Xbox


The 360 has gone through some various iterations of it’s own, but it’s naturally big blocky shape has made it popular amongst case modders out there.  Since I’m such a collector at heart, I always enjoy the case mods, that look like they add to whatever your passion is, which many of the ones I’ve showcased here do.  Maybe your decor is more superhero focused, then the Iron Man Xbox would be better suited, but there’s plenty of options still for any game franchises you may collect or decorate with. 

Okay, so it’s hard to think of this generation of consoles as old and outdated, but what about the retro consoles in your life?  Fortunately, if you’ve still got your older consoles lying around (as I do) then perhaps some of these mods will be more to your taste.

500x dreamcast portable boombox


megaman nes


Honestly, there are tons of great mods here, but there’s something about that Super Nintoaster that keeps catching my eye. Clearly any of these mods could easily spruce up an otherwise boring entertainment center.  But for those of you who want to go full-out nerdy (I mean balls to the wall, possibly live in your parent’s basement kind of geeky), may I suggest the R2-D2 mod:


Yes it’s older and been floating around the internet for a while, but that doesn’t make it any less awesome.  I mean, a video projector comes out of the eye socket (Princess Leia message style); what the hell more do you want?! 

I truly wish I were brave enough to try out any of these mods for myself.  The fact of the matter is that my talent in art is strictly within the realm of the two-dimensions.  Anything dealing with 3D (sculpture, and what not), isn’t worth mentioning.  What I’ve presented you here today is a smattering of the awesome mods out there.  If you’ve come across any, or perhaps even own some yourself, we’d love to hear from you and see pics.  Be sure to show us in the comments below!