Destiny 2 Beta Brings Promising Hopes

I won’t get too far ahead of myself because this is a beta after all, and like I said I was super thrilled with the early releases of the original game. However I will say Destiny 2’s beta is a lot more promising overall in terms of Bungie listening to fans and implementing things we’ve all been wanting.

Starting off I will say I wasn’t a fan of Bungie announcing a cut back to PVP Crucible matches. The matches are now 4v4 which sounded lame to me considering I liked the bigger teams in the original game, but upon playing the beta I really enjoy it. The maps are designed well, and the combat is very fun in the pressure points. It doesn’t truly feel like there is a lack of players on the map, and you constantly feel “in danger” of being taken out. The game modes allowing you to work as a team, with no respawns, really put a new twist on the arcadish mentality the original game had. Of course “team arena” and “slayer” are my favorite modes in Halo, and Destiny 2 did a lot to remind me of the good days of Halo.

Also a welcome addition is the fact everyone isn’t running around with shotguns in every single match. Instead Bungie placed snipers and shotguns in the special or “heavy” category meaning you won’t be able to use them all the time. Instead everyone was running around with an OP handgun, but that can easily (and most likely will) be addressed with simple nerfs.

One thing that did feel “off” was the cooldown times for several perks in the game. I felt grenades took a bit too long to generate. Often times I only got to use maybe 2 grenades per crucible match, unless I used them early and fast. Instead I was often waiting for a grenade to generate and didn’t get to rely on them to clear rooms where I knew enemies were sitting. Super charged powers (ultimate) also felt rare in Crucible matches, often times many players didn’t have enough time to generate them. However they sure were cool as hell to use.

Heading over to the campaign part of the Destiny 2 is where things got awesome for me. In the original game I found most missions to be bland, boring, and empty. So far in the beta everything seems to be flipped around. The enemies felt more responsive, weapons felt heavier and more fun to use, and I actually ran into other players. During my initial mission there was an area where we had to defend a base, and there were already 2 players defending it and I jumped in mid wave, and it ended at the same time for everyone. This was something I always loved about Destiny and I hope that this continues with the core game, and isn’t purely because everyone is shoved off to the same level during the beta.

Going back to enemies, Destiny finally felt creative when you come across the first boss battle. Not only is the boss rather neat looking as he teleports and swings away at you within a tiny map, but then the floor decides to vanish and you fall to the next platform, which then changes how you must attack. This was entirely creative and was super thrilling, I can only hope future enemies are this fun.

Everything about Destiny 2 was presented well. The story was evolving around you as  you played the game, instead of quick cutscenes hardly explaining anything. It was neat watching other characters battling it out as you traversed landscapes, and the cutscenes had perfect timing to not really take away from you being a part of the story. Everything was interesting and fun to look at.

But this is a beta and I’ve learned my lesson, wait for the final game. I will say the beta made Destiny 2 feel very promising and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.