Destiny Is What We Have Been Waiting For (Even On Vita!)

I simply state yes, this means we can openly expect Destiny to be amazing. Why? Well over the years I’ve played my fair share of beta’s and pre-release games, and what you get from those is simple. A basic upfront tease of what’s to come. Look at Battlefield for example. Normally you get one map, one game mode, and a few bits of content elsewhere. When you get the game, the beta is basically the core of the game, and the final version expands on that. You expect to get….well Battlefield. 


So when Bungie releases a “small sample” of Destiny, what do we get? To be honest we get almost the same amount of content as a typical shooter release! A bundle of story missions, a big open world, and 4 great PvP maps. Oh also forgot to mention that while the overall level cap is set at 8, you still have hours upon hours of leveling elsewhere. All from a “small sample” of the game! So if a small sample is so large, that means only one thing, the game will be massive. It means more of what people love, and fixes to what people may dislike. 

If the massive amount of content doesn’t get you excited, then pay attention to the details. The game is functioning amazingly well and didn’t have a single major update yet. They had in-game events going on, people getting together, and storms of people bum rushing their servers. Besides a slight hiccup on day one, things have been smooth sailing. 

Where are the complaints? So far I’ve been reading a lot of comments on the beta and there is one complaint that is major. “Bleh it’s FPS, nothing new.” We get it, you don’t like FPS titles, go find something else to play. Besides that complaint? Hardly anything notable at all. There are a few slight complaints about higher levels playing with lower levels in PvP, but we assume that will be addressed. To get to the point, the overwhelming “this is awesome” comments are overpowering the negative views. 


Not only that, it’s finally a game we can spend countless hours on. I don’t want to discredit titles we have had so far. Wolfenstein was brilliant and InFamous: Second Son is truly next gen. Yet Destiny is here and it’s bringing a network of features that will consume daily lives of online gamers, something neither of those titles offered. So in other words, we beat them, we need a new game! 

Destiny so far is taking control of next generation features and putting them on display. Did you pay attention to your PS4 controller when you died? Did you check your social network area of the PS4 between matches? They are messing with nearly all of it. Then to top it off, they even thought of Vita! 

Yes, I was in the middle of my Destiny “addiction” and my girlfriend wanted to use the TV. Then a thought came to me “holy cow, I have a Vita!” I turned it on, pressed to connect to the PS4, and bam Destiny was there waiting for me. To my surprise….. they built the game to function with it. I don’t know if it was Sony’s end or not, but it was glorious!


Shoulder buttons remapped to the Vita’s. Analog and the second set of shoulder buttons remapped to different areas of the Vita’s touch screen. If you press on the side you will throw the  grenade etc. If you press dead in the center it brought up your start screen. Sprinting was re-mapped to the “down” of the D-pad, making it easy access. Did I mention that the game looked amazing on the OLED screen? (Surely it looks great on new models too!) 

It takes a little bit of adjusting to the Vita’s control scheme and analog sticks, but it works! I couldn’t believe I was flawlessly playing Destiny on my Vita with almost no lag between it and my PS4. I’ve tried this feature with past PS4 titles and have never gotten such a great experience. Again, this could be thanks to Bungie, or it could be thanks to Sony. Either way, job well done! 

We want to know, how are you enjoying the Destiny Beta? What secrets have you found? Let us know in the comments!