E3 2014 Wish List: What We Hope to See

Each month the Cinelinx staff will write a handful of articles covering a specified gaming-related topic, similar to our Movielinx series on the film side of things. These articles will be notified by the Gamerlinx banner. Gamerlinx is an exploration and discussion of our personal connections with video games, and this month, with E3 finally upon us, we’re putting the focus on the gaming industry’s biggest event.  Throughout the month we’ll be talking about E3, it’s importance, it’s past, and everything in between.

[Quick Disclaimer: We’ve tried to limit our choices to games we haven’t heard anything about yet.  We know certain things (like Uncharted 4, Halo 5, Destiny, etc.) will be displayed there, so we’ve left them off our lists.  Instead we’re going for things we haven’t heard rumors of, but hope to see unveiled.]



There are a few things I’m looking forward to seeing this year at E3 that we already know about.  More information on Star Wars Battlefront, Uncharted 4, and a slew of others, but I’m still hoping for a few awesome surprises:

1) Mass Effect 4 (or Whatever They’re Calling it) – We know Bioware is working on it, we’ve seen some concept art, and the director has said a working build is being played now…so let’s finally hear about it!  Ideally we’d get our first trailer, showing off (potentially) our new main character and a general idea of why we’re coming back to this setting. 

2) Other Star Wars Projects – We know that EA has other studios working on Star Wars titles (Visceral with Amy Hennig at the helm and Bioware), but we’ve heard nothing of them so far.  With Battlefront still set to hit next year in 2015, it’d be nice to know what else Star Wars fans have to look forward to in terms of gaming. 

3) Something From Valve – It’s always a long shot, and most E3 rumors surround what Valve is (or isn’t) doing, but hearing anything from them during this period of time would be nice.  Of course Half-Life 3 is on everyone’s wish list, but personally, I want another Portal 3…or even something new.  Come on Gaben!

4) Nintendo Awesomeness – I love Nintendo, and I thoroughly enjoy my 3DS and Wii U systems.  I just want other people to see why they’re great…Something Nintendo has been struggling with since the Wii U’s launch.  This E3 would be a great time to wow everyone, and I’m hoping they bring the goods, and something new to the table.  While Zelda is still important as a franchise, they need something else to bring in new gamers.

5) Final Fantasy XV Release Date – Seriously, Square Enix blew everyone away with the trailer and announcement for Final Fantasy XV (retitled from Final Fantasy Versus XIII) last year, but everything’s been quiet since then.  The game has already had a very long dev cycle, so it’d be nice to hear they’re close to finishing.  Some Kingdom Hearts 3 info would be good too, but we’re already expecting that. 

6) A Reason for the Xbox One – I know this sounds kind of mean, but I still am waiting for a bona fide reason for me (personally) to own an Xbox One.  I’ve had a few on the PS4, and I know both consoles are still young, but this would be a good time for Microsoft to blow us all away with something. 



1) Final Fantasy XV – Much like Jordan, I want to finally see something concrete on Final Fantasy XV.  Jordan and I have known each other for well over a decade, and it’s funny to hear him anxious for this game, seeing as how I’ve always been the Final Fantasy fan, while he’s been mostly “meh” on the series.  All the more reason for Square Enix to deliver the goods, as it’s a game that could appeal to more than just the hardcore Final Fantasy Fans. 

2) Something Big From Sony – Sony is making a big deal out of their E3 press conference this year; going so far as to put it into movie theaters as well, so they better deliver on something big.  They made waves when they announced their own VR headset, so hopefully they’ll be talking more about what they’re going to be doing with it, and how they plan on using it to make the PS4 indispensable.  Some amazing exclusive games wouldn’t hurt either!

3) What the God of War Team has Been Up To – Speaking of Sony, I’d really like to know what their first party teams have been up to, specifically Sony Santa Monica (the guys behind the God of War franchise).  While it’s reasonable to assume another God of War game is coming, I hoping it’s from an off-shoot team, and that we get something entirely new from the original developers.  They’re a talented bunch and can bring a lot to the table, so I’d like to see what they’d do with a new IP instead. 

4) The Last Guardian – The last several years this game has popped up on many a site’s E3 wish lists, but I’m crossing my fingers that this year is THE year it happens.  Sony has an all new console on the market and many reports in the past have indicated that Last Guardian was pushed back to take advantage of the next-gen hardware instead.  Hopefully that means, we’ll have a substantial (and honest) update on it’s progress.  Even if it’s nothing more than to say it’s cancelled, I think it’s time to level with gamers and give them the truth on this game. 

5) Making Vita Be a Necessity – Sony’s been struggling with their handheld, and honestly, they’re best marketing push for the system is off screen play for PS4.  That’s more of a peripheral than a standalone handheld console, and it’d be nice to see the Vita become something on it’s own worth having.  If Sony is going to make the Vita important, it has to do it this year (perhaps with offerings from the PS2 or PS3 back catalog via PS Now), or risk it falling by the wayside entirely.  

6) Next-Gen Determination – The new generation of consoles is here, and with the PS4 and Xbox One approaching their first year of life, I would really like to see something from them that FEELS genuinely next-gen.  I want to see games that could never have been made on the PS3 or Xbox 360, and not because of graphical limitations.  The new hardware needs to offer up new experiences and give gamers something unique in terms of gameplay or mechanics.  We have the horsepower, now it’s time to see what the devs do with it.



1) I’d like to see some actual unannounced exclusives for each console. more games and less “media” partner announcements that we saw at last years event. I love the apps, but I love games more 🙂

2) Nintendo needs to bring their major A-game to this event, as the wii u is close to becoming non-compete at this point. The console needs a major killer app to keep it relevant, not just the same ol bluster from Reggie Fils-Amie

3) While I love the pomp & circumstance that publishers have at their events, I’d rather see some solid announcements of new IP instead of the same recycled annual titles.



1) Crash Bandicoot – This will happen in one of two ways. The first being the more likely route. Sony has been hinting at Crash Bandicoot for almost a year now. They even went as far as putting him in the first PS4 trailer. Things like that don’t just happen out of the blue. Combine that with Activision randomly removing any and all trace of Crash Bandicoot they have, and you have some seriously odd coincidences. I say Sony finally got rights back and has plans for him that will be revealed at E3. Perhaps their mascot is finally back! The second route is still him appearing at E3 via Sony, but Activision still has rights to him. They keep him and are making a new game with some exclusive content for PlayStation. He will be there though, I can feel it!

2) Some more VR headsets – Sony has been rather quiet as of late regarding their new VR headset. I’d like to hear an actual release date, what exactly it does with the camera, and above all else, a price. Of course I’d like some more games being shown, and possibly a chance to try it myself. We also can’t forget Oculus. They just created a new deal with Samsung so they obviously have something up their sleeve too. Let’s just hope it’s game related and not a new way to scroll down your Facebook page.

3) Something New – We’ve got a whole bunch of games coming this Fall, but it is all games we have known about for some time. Destiny for example is always fun to see, but we have been seeing it. I want to see something new. Perhaps more details for Rainbow Six as that is one of my favorite all-time franchises. I’d also like to see something that will make me super happy to be a PS4/Xbox One owner. So far I’ve not gotten too excited for anything “next generation” as most of these experiences are just prettier last gen games. Games like Destiny will change my mind, but I want to see ideas like MAG and Resistance: Fall of Man get reborn with massive online battles and power hungry titles that can only be played on these new consoles.


You’ve seen our E3 wish lists, and now it’s time to share yours!  What are you hoping to see at E3 2014?  Be sure to let us know in the comments below and stay tuned to Cinelinx next week, as we’ll be reporting from the showroom floor!

-The Cinelinx Gamer’s Club Team