E3 2016 – All the News and Info You Need

We’ve been hard at work the last several weeks getting our team ready for this year’s E3, and we’re excited to be bringing you guys, our readers all the information you could ever want or need from gaming’s biggest event.  Though the show kicks off next week (with the first conferences going down on Sunday), we’re establishing our E3 2016 HUB for your convenience.  Below you’ll find all the links and widgets you need to be up to date on everything related to the show: 

[UPDATE:] When and Where to Watch E3.  We’ll be posting individual live-stream articles for each of the major conferences as well, but this handy list will help you plan out your watching.  Below you can find the list of live-streams so you can watch them with us:

EA’s E3 2016 Conference  

Bethesda E3 2016 Conference

Microsoft E3 2016 Conference

Ubisoft E3 2016 Conference

Sony E3 2016 Conference

Nintendo E3 2016 Presentation

Prepare yourself for next week with all our Road to E3 coverage!

Hit up THIS LINK to check out all the latest news articles and previews as we post them. 

We’ll be uploading all of the brand new game trailers presented at E3 on our official YouTube channel via the embedded playlist. It’ll update as we go, but be sure to subscribe to our channel to catch things as they land. 

As we have been in the last couple years, we’ll be continuing to bring the latest news and our thoughts on everything via our live-tweet widget featuring various members of the Cinelinx staff (including those attending E3 in person).  So be sure to follow along and share your thoughts with our writers!

E3 is sure to be a blast once again this year, with a deluge of information.  Make sure you stay on top of it all by keeping this HUB bookmarked and ready at your fingertips!