5 Games We Hoped To See at E3 2016 But Didn’t

Tomb Raider 6

The Rise of the Tomb Raider PS4 (Or Expansion)

I don’t know if people realize it, but The Rise of Tomb Raider is set to come out on PS4 sometime this year. So far all we have is a “holiday 2016” time frame, and Sony could actually use the helping hand with their lackluster Fall lineup.

All that being said I was extremely scared that Sony cooked up some type of “exclusive” deal for an expansion. I own the game on Xbox One and I don’t want to be jumping back and forth between consoles just to play the latest content. Luckily that nightmare was avoided because Tomb Raider didn’t show up at E3….At all. There is still no release date, no details on content, and nothing to entice PS4 fan’s excitement to play the game. Being totally honest, this game is why I wanted an Xbox One and it is glorious, PS4 fans will love it when they get their hands on it. I do wish Square had more of a presence at the show beyond Final Fantasy because I’m a bigger fan of all their other games. Tomb Raider could get details on a new expansion or something by now. It was pretty shocking to not see Sony build excitement for it at the conference though.

kingdom hearts

Speaking of Square, Where Is Kingdom Hearts?

Last E3 Square got massive cheers during their own cheesy press conference when Kingdom Hearts 3 took the stage. The demo was so impressive, mainly due to Tangled being included in the game, that I listed it as one of my favorite surprises for the show. I’ve been excited ever since…but it’s Kingdom Hearts, so who isn’t.

Then Square starting ramping up again leading into E3 with a trailer for Kingdom Hearts 2.8, a release date tease for Kingdom Hearts 3, and then nothing. I don’t think Kingdom Hearts was mentioned at all during E3 beyond a few people that played a demo of 2.8. Square hosted a live show throughout the entire E3 week, and not once did Kingdom Hearts 3 get mentioned. I don’t need a release date, I get that they are holding that for some Winter event (probably to push 2.8), but why not show off another world? Or a new trailer? By the time we get Kingdom Hearts 3 all of us that enjoyed it as kids will be in a retirement home!


Red Dead Redemption and/or Agent

Rockstar almost never shows up to E3. They are simply too cool and who can blame them! Still that didn’t stop people from all kinds of outlets predicting that Red Dead Redemption would show up somewhere. There was actually a TON of hype going into E3 because so many people truly believed this game would show up. It was almost confirmed on major outlets that it’d be there because the anticipation got so out of hand. Yet nothing. If this rumor has any truth to it, then it was indeed scheduled but canned at last minute.

Another option for Rockstar was the return of Agent. We haven’t seen anything regarding the game at all since the initial teaser reveal back at E3 2009, as the game was announced in 2007. We have had leaks from Rockstar slip up every now and then, including a leak in December. The idea was that this game would finally turn up at E3 and surprise everyone, but nope. It still remains dead, and who knows if Rockstar is even working on it anymore.

We can assume one of the games, most likely Red Dead Redemption, will be a big reveal at an upcoming event. Perhaps GamesCom or TGS. I saw this because even 2K themselves were getting excited by saying “this will be a big show for us,” and then they didn’t have much of a presence. I don’t think Mafia 3 was their big news, otherwise it wouldn’t have been shown off before E3 even started.

Destiny The Taken King1

Destiny 2

One of our far reaching predictions was that Destiny 2 would come to E3, but we had little hope that it would actually happen. After all Bungie just announced a new expansion to Destiny so it made no sense to announce two products at once. (Unless you are Microsoft of course.) Yet there was still hope that we would see something regarding Destiny 2, and that little hope we had was crushed and swept aside.

During my Road To E3 article I noted that Activision would utilize the Sony conference to either showcase Call of Duty or Destiny 2. They went with Call of Duty and it was glorious. I paid attention to E3 interviews afterwards and Bungie has not talked about anything other than the expansion Rise of Iron. It was a long shot that Destiny 2 would appear, but sadly we have to wait even longer for it to be shown. At this point Bungie is not going to even acknowledge it exists until their new expansion releases, but maybe next year.


Sucker Punch

My predictions before E3 started was that Spider-Man would appear, and it would appear thanks to Sucker Punch making it. Turns out Spider-Man did appear, but instead Insomniac Games is making it. Not a bad thing at all, but what is Sucker Punch up to lately? We haven’t seen anything from them since InFamous First Light, a spin-off of Second Son. The game was glorious, but are they continuing the franchise? Are they working on something new?

We have no idea. Sucker Punch has been extremely quiet in all regards since the release of First Light, which is why we assumed they were working on Spider-Man. They are an amazingly talented developer so whatever they are working on will be glorious, which is why it is disappointing that they had nothing at E3. Second Son released in 2014, so there has been plenty of time for them to cook up something. We are just interested to see what it is. A majority of Sony’s conference was for games that were extremely far out. Sony didn’t place a date on any of them, but a lot of developers in follow up interviews said their game wasn’t even close to done. (Kojima hasn’t even started on his as he hasn’t found an engine yet!) So if Sucker Punch is working on anything, it might be a lengthy amount of time before we see it.