E3 2018 – What We Want to See

Kingdom Hearts 3 Hercules Teaser Trailer


Kingdom Hearts III Release Date – This is the game that needs to be hanging from the top of the LA Convention Center.  We’ve waited so long for this game to release and it appears that Square Enix is finally, finally, FINALLY ready to unveil the full game to the public, thanks to their announcement of a Square Enix Showcase!  After 3 years of showing nothing, they have to be giving us something for Kingdom Hearts III.  Maybe a demo?  Heck, I’ll just settle for a firm 2018 release date.

Final Fantasy VII Remake – Speaking of Square Enix, I have a strong feeling that their press conference will be giving us a better look at Final Fantasy VII Remake.  It’s been a couple of years since we’ve had any sort of update on the highly anticipated remake and it’s high time they gave us another trailer.  Perhaps a release date?  I have a feeling this will be one of those Spring 2019 release dates at the end of the trailer.

Square Enix Avengers Project – It’s been way too long since we’ve seen anything for this Square Enix/Marvel alliance.  In fact, we’ve literally seen nothing for it, except for the fact that it’s happening.  With SE returning to the E3 2018 stage, it’s high time we saw something for it.

The Last of Us II Gameplay – So far, I’ve talked a lot about release dates.  For The Last of Us Part II, I don’t need one.  Crazy, I know, but I know this game is coming.  I know that it’s going to be incredible, that’s the kind of quality we expect from Naughty Dog and Sony.  No, I just want to see gameplay.  Give us 10 minutes of gameplay like they did for God of War and Days Gone and I’ll be one happy gamer.

Anthem – EA has put a lot of eggs into the Anthem basket.  After it main evented Microsoft’s press conference, EA diverted all of Bioware’s resources to the development of this project and hopes are at an all-time high.  The first trailer was pretty cool to see, but in order for excitement to reach a fever pitch, we need them to up the ante and give us a presentation that’ll wow.  I could go for a release date too.

Super Smash Bros. Switch/Pokemon Switch/Mario Party Switch – It appears we’ve hit the Nintendo portion of this list.  The wonderful thing about Nintendo is that they tend to announce most of their lineup before E3 so we kind of know what’s coming when their direct airs.  A few years ago, we knew about The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and this year we know about Super Smash Bros. Switch (working title) and that they are developing a legit Pokemon game for Nintendo Switch.  I’d love to see updates on both, but I’d also love to see Mario Party 11.  They may reserve that for next year what with the previously mentioned games, Mario Tennis Aces, and oh yeah Metroid!

Elder Scrolls VI – This is it.  This is the moment Bethesda unveils the next game in the Elder Scrolls saga.  They can’t possibly re-release Skyrim, Wolfenstein II released, The Evil Within II happened, it’s too early for Fallout 5, this is when they finally give us Elder Scrolls VI.  Fans are tired of wishing for it, which is exactly when Bethesda strikes, when you least expect it.  Well I expect it Bethesda and I’m ready for you!  …I hope…

xbox music logo


Xbox to Finally Be Able to Utilize Custom Soundtracks – Thats all.

Pokémon Switch


Something Star Wars That ISN’T Battlefront – Honestly, at this point it’s getting a bit ridiculous. Despite taking over the Star Wars license in 2013 (though it’s always possible they could lose it), and getting FOUR new movies in that time, EA has only launched two games…Both of which are Battlefront. They’ve teased other games, although the only other major one has been sent back to the drawing board, but it’s well past time to finally see what else they have in store for the galaxy far, far away.

Sony Stops Being a Baby About Cross-Platform Games – There are more great multiplayer games out in the world than ever, and while Microsoft and Nintendo have worked out a way to let their user bases play together, Sony has been pretty uppity about it. They haven’t seemed willing to budge either and it’s beyond frustrating. I would love to see them break down that barrier at E3 and let us play games with friends on other platforms.

Nintendo Virtual Console – The Nintendo Switch has had a pretty stellar first year (one of the best first years for a console ever), and they aren’t showing signs of slowing down. However, the system continues to lack one of the services that made the Wii/Wii U great: the Virtual Console. The ability to download and play some of the greatest retrogames on a modern system is great, and something I still whip my Wii U out for. Being able to do it on the GO with the Switch is something fans have been hoping to see for a while.

Supposedly it’s connected to their upcoming paid online service. Since that will almost assuredly make an appearance at E3 (it’s supposed to launch in September), I’m crossing my fingers we’ll get some sort of definitive info on Virtual Console in June.

Release Dates! – The last couple E3 shows have delivered on showing off exciting looking games, but some have shown up a couple times with no sign of a release date in sight. While I’m excited to see what NEW games will be revealed, I’m more eager to know when I can get my hands on the games we’ve seen before…Including Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part II, Days Gone, Final Fantasy VII, Ghost of Tsushima, Metroid Prime 4, and Beyond Good & Evil 2 just to name a few.

Pokemon Switch – Look, I know there are a bunch of other great games to look forward to getting a first glimpse at (including some potential new hotness from Bethesda and Square), but if I got nothing else out of E3 than a first look at the upcoming Pokemon game for the Switch (which they’ve confirmed is coming)…I’ll be a happy camper.

DQfpvkMU8AA hnk.0


Kingdom Hearts III Release Date – Well, because it has been forever! I was so hyped when the game was first announced, now if it doesn’t come out soon I think I will lose interest

BluePoint Games Unannounced Classic Remake – After the success of Shadow of the Colossus Remastered, Bluepoint announced in a job listing that it is working on the next classic remake. This remake is supposedly “a game millions of gamers are eagerly anticipating”. If that is the case, I can only hope it is Metal Gear Solid 1!

Sony Announce a price drop on PS Now or Bundle it with PS Plus – I have been a PS Now user in the past, if you have decent internet it is actually not that bad of a service. At this time there are around 500 games available for you to play, but its $19.99 a month. Now, you can pay $100 dollars for one year, but why not just give the option for $8.99 a months? If they drop the price or bundle it with PS Plus I think it could be a huge success !

Death Stranding and Cyber Punk 2077 Release Dates – No one knows what the hell these games are about, but I am super excited for them. I just want to know when it is coming out!

New Console Teases – No one in there right mind should actually believe that new consoles are coming next year, but i do think we may see some teases from the companies! It is going to be a big year for gaming in 2019 and i think that Sony and Microsoft will announce new consoles. Now, if they dont get close to high-end pc graphics that when they can take their stuff and get out!

PUBG 886916


Consoles (I don’t want them) – There is a lot, and I mean A LOT, of rumors stating new consoles are right on the edge of being announced. Many rumors as of late state the PS5 is being sent to devs, which means an announcement isn’t that far away. Exciting? Not really. We haven’t even fully utilized the current generation. I mean we bought a PS4 and Xbox One to play games that would run on a Sega Genesis at this point. Except for a very few great exclusives like God of War, we haven’t seen what they can do. Then with the mid generation upgrade both sides did (PS4 Pro, Xbox One X) along with VR, it seems pointless to release new consoles any time soon. We are spending more money on hardware than we are games. Let developers catch up, we haven’t even seen the new Unreal Engine release yet and now we are jumping again. 4K is barely denting the market so far, the mid gen units are all we really need for now.

Instead let’s evolve these units, see where they go with VR and other features. Add more games to the lineup. Xbox has done a lot of retracting, so let’s replace those removed features with something new. Xbox One X really needs a reason for me to buy it to begin with. I’d really like a UI update for the PS4, which is something I think Xbox does so well.

PUBG On Everything – Not sure if this is exciting or not, but Battle Royale style games are taking over thanks to the money making machines in Fortnite and PUBG. Now it seems every popular shooter is getting this mode and I want to see where this goes to be honest. We are just at the beginning and there are so many ideas you could run with to evolve the genre. Battlefield could do bigger battles, COD could do tighter battles, and other games could add changes here and there. I personally love Fortnite, but I hate the mechanics of it so I’d be welcoming of something similar with slight adjustments.

Star Wars – I’m doing my best to not repeat what others are saying, but my god EA get it together. I was so excited to see their dev team get the license and how they had a long list of developers working on new titles, then it all vanished. EA then cancelled the only game close to release that wasn’t Battlefront and we are back to “unannounced titles” that EA hasn’t even hinted at yet. Is anything even there? Or are they making it up? It’s their last shot for me. If we go through E3 and EA still hasn’t even named and shown off a new Star Wars title then it’s time for Disney to license out Star Wars on a game-by-game basis like they do with Marvel.

Microsoft to Wake Up Xbox – I own both an Xbox and PS4 and for a while I did enjoy my Xbox quite a bit, then it fizzled out and fell asleep. The only time my Xbox turns on now is to play Fortnite with my friends. I’ve gone to the game store to purposely buy something to turn my Xbox on, and I walked out with a PS4 game instead. We might have a hardcore fanbase that will defend their lackluster lineup, but for the most part Xbox is in desperate need of some exclusives. I’m pretty sure we are getting the next Halo, which I’m excited for, but we need something more than that. And no, “console launch exclusives” will not cut it.

Spider-Man Special Edition PS4 Pro – I’m pretty sure this is coming since Spider-Man is the leading exclusive for PlayStation at the end of the year, and this will help with the holidays. I didn’t buy a God of War Pro because I am hoping this happens. I’d be all over a Spider-Man PS4 Pro, and I hope it’s as slick as the God of War one. Obviously Sony needs to jump through a couple hoops to work out a deal with Disney to do it, but I believe it’s coming. They obviously have a special presentation planned with the game since the special edition statue (which I’m also buying) is going to be revealed at E3, so hopefully they add in a special console.

Other than that I just want more Death Stranding. Any time Kojima steps on stage I turn into a kid again.

new vr games on htc vive


More Yakuza – I’m really hoping we see more of the new Yakuza game with its wild new protagonist. I know they still need to show off Kiwami 2, but I really hope we get a little more info on one of my favorite series. It would also be pretty awesome to get a remastered PS4 collection of 3-5, but I think that might be pretty slim.

PS1 on PS4 – Come on Sony, it’s about time!

An Xbox One X Price Cut – It’s actually a really nice machine, unfortunately It’s really hard to justify for most gamers. While we are at it, a Playstation Pro price cut would be fantastic.

Something That Really Surprises Me – I hate to be the jaded gaming journalist, but every year we know about 90% that’s going to be shown before the grand spectacle even raises its curtains. I want another Fallout 4 moment! I want that feeling that not only is Christmas coming early, but it’s coming with mutants and Nuka Cola.

Real Word Uses for VR – I’ve come to the conclusion that the only way VR is going to really become more commonplace is if it has real world utilitarian functionality that the average consumer feels like they need. This includes PC and consoles. They also need cheaper prices and less to connect. It’s almost like setting up my capture device when I hook up a PSVR. It has to be streamlined and useful.

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